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Friday, May 1, 2009


Today is Friday and for many reasons I am thrilled... least of all today is payday and who doesn't love payday? :o)~ My main issue is with payday comes Child support and with child support comes complaints from my EX husband who thinks he is a martyr and pays too much. (trust me.. he doesn't). Apparently he has gotten my neice to drive him to the bank (no license) and was paying her 20 dollars per trip... today he gave her a pack of cigarettes and told her "I give your aunt all my money" um as if. What he fails to realize is one of the main REASONS we are divorced is because he had a 3 year fling with my former best friend. (Yea.. doesn't the winner sign blink over his head?) So I am annoyed at him because when he does something stupid.. my mother calls me. They like to remind me that I brought him into the family. The only reason I allow him to remain anywhere NEAR my family is because we have children together if we didn't he could quite honestly go suck an egg. It is not that he is a bad guy.. he really isn't a bad person, he is just an idiot. bottom line.

Ok.. :::Whew::: sorry that is my vent there... on to the rest of the highlights from our weekend. This weekend, Stephanie has her SAT's, AJ has a baseball tournament, Chuck and I have groceries to shop for and at some point I do plan on squeezing in some sleep. Other then that maybe getting outside in the pretty weather, I adore spring. Spring rocks! :o)~

Next week we have to get ready for prom. My oldest is growing up. Ouch. I am not ready. I am not ready to be the mother of a senior in high school. I am not ready for her to put in college applications or leave the nest. Why can't they just stay little? Sighs.

More tomorrow have a great day! Thanks Julie. I needed this!

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Jennifer said...

It's interesting to hear the mother's perspective. I've already left for college, but my mom still gets teary every time I go back to school. She's very happy to have me home for the summer.