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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sueeeeeeyyyyyy here pig pig pig!!

Ok.. I know what you are thinking..
you are thinking
"ok.. someone has lost their mind"
You are right. If I haven't lost it.. it is going.. fast.
I live with teenagers.. Teenagers who are perfectly capable of cleaning up after themselves but for whatever reason would rather live in well squalor.
Granted, there are daily fights asking and requesting that they clean up but its similiar to asking a brick wall to do something, it won't happen.
Frusturated? Yes. Extremely.
I can clean up the messes all day they come in afer school turn into spinning Tazmanian devils and what is done becomes undone.
Today, I have put together a chore bowl...
its always the one thing that tends to get them BACK on task ..
because they hate it..
with a passion.
They do it because we give no option..
they complain the whole time (yea that breaks my heart.. not).
So today, I am hoping with the presence of mind of a farmer, I can call out the pigs teenagers and get some order back in this farm
before I have to kill them..
Wish me luck!!

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Eileen said...

I'm late but I feel ya girl!! I took a trip to walmart yesterday & came back with paper plates, bowls, utensils, and cups for our pig @@ There's currently about a weeks worth of all of the above that have been sitting there for *at least* 3 weeks. Cover your ears because I'm sure you'll hear his screaming when he's told he's washing, by hand, HIS shit!