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Friday, May 29, 2009

First Friday of Summer time

This week flew by, one day it was Monday and the next it is Friday. I love weeks like this, here one second and gone the next. Which means tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday, and our alarm clocks happily go to the off position.. Yippee!! So now the question asks what are the weekend plans... hmmmm..

Tomorrow we have baseball. Yep.. that time of year. .we live at the baseball field on Saturdays, last year I got my first sunburn at a baseball stadium.. I can see this year being the same :o)~ lol I am excited to see AJ play they had someone work with him on hitting last night. He is a great player but he has a problem with his stance, I am hopeful this meeting will fix that!! When he gets ahold of the ball the ball FLIES. hopefully that will be tomorrow!! GO AJ!

Sunday Chuck is off.. which is wonderful. We have Mass in the morning, and then we will probably head to the beach. It is almost a ritualistic event when it is lovely out. Why stay home when we we can go sit on sand, play in the water and soak up the sun? Then I think we may BBQ burgers. :o)~ As long as the weather holds. AJ also has his final try out.. .a bit nervous but excited too.

Summer time and the sun is possibly my favorite time of year until we get to August and it s so hot that I feel like I am gonna melt into a puddle. Summertime is baseball... and BBQ's... and lemonaide... and sweet tea... and swimming.. and sleeping in during the morning... and taking time to just do fun stuff... I <3>

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