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Thursday, May 7, 2009

This and That..

I guess Thursday is my favorite day for this because it starts with the TH sound.. Makes sense right? Logically in my head I say yes, can you see me shaking my head up and down? Ok on to our This and That of today....

This-My two oldest made rank in NJROTC which is so utterly thrilling. We knew Stephanie would, she is just Navy bred that well.. but Danny we were figuring he may get it by next year. Awesome! for both of them. so so proud!!

That-I am exhausted and stresed out, I need a break. even 24 hours away.. soon.

This- My idiot ex tells me today he blew up at a manager at work and was told if it happens again they will fire him. He thinks they are being irreasonable to want him to behave like a grown up. I told him that if he loses his job, I will kill him. He does this every 3 years.. quits or gets fired.. if he does it now with this economy there will be a homicide and I will need an alibi.. who's got me covered?

That- tonight is the big Grey's anatomy wedding.. ok.. let's take a vote.. who doesn't think that its gonna happen? Who thinks it will happen? and who thinks it will be Izzy and Alex who get married instead? Votes are good til 8 PM CST then I am closing them.

This-Mary is 11 and about ready to be on the same chopping block as her dad.... she is just not moody and nasty and I am not in the mood for it... Sighs.. I hope this age passes soon.. because currently I am getting ready to petition the Vatican for an exorcism.

That-Mel kicks butt. Yep there I said it. on my blog in print. She gave Chuck Mothers day off. I have no idea what/if he has planned but still the gesture of it is very sweet. And I appreciate it.. a lot :o)~

Ok more tomorrow.. have a good one!!

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Tutu said...

I'm pretty sure you were visiting me in Florida the day of the homicide, right?

Have a great Mother's Day. My hubby has to work. :(