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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Temptations Tuesday

So I have decided this is going to become a regular blog.. because well it requires little to no thought and that sometimes is the best thing in the world. Hmm .. now what do we blog about? Yea.. I probably should have thought this one out more..

Vampires. Yep. there I said it. I love vampires, whether we are talking True Blood (starts again on June 14th.. WOOHOO), Twilight (I <3 me some Edward Cullen), Moonlight (the series that had its life cut entirely too short. Or various other blood suckers, I am a fan of vampires.

Dr Pepper. I think I covered this one last week, if not. Well then Dr Peppper. I need a 12 step program but I have no interest in finding one. I went off for awhile and then onto Sprite but I have returned to my dear friend. I never stray long.

Rhino- no not Rhinos.. Rhino from the Movie Bolt. What's not to love about a fat hamster that saves the day :o)~

Chili in the crockpot. My. house. smells. so. good. Enough said. Yum-O.

Baseball- From October until February I am almost in a sense of Sports mourning. I miss my baseball season. Now as we are mere DAYS away from the baseball season swinging into full gear, I am PUMPED and ready. Although I have a feeling it will be a rough season for us, if spring training is any inclination, but if not well.. bring.. it.. on.

Putting away the winter clothes for the spring stuff. Short sleeves, capri pants, flip flops. Awesome!! I love spring.

Facebook- Like I needed a new addiction.. but alas. I am addicted. I send out applications. Its like slam books from high school all over again.

Yo Gabba Gabba- DJ Lance Rock. you are my hero. I get 30 minutes of time to breathe because of you.. I am pretty sure you are in my will.

Hummus- Yea I know last week was sweets and today I put down hummus? For whatever reason I am on a HUGE hummus kick so today that will be one of my temptations.

And finally.....

My last temptation is my desire for some time away. I need a break. I am stressed and broken out and I need a day off.. is that so bad.

Sighs. Ok. What is tempting you? what do you need or want or crave? tell me all about it. I am all ears.

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