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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Smile, shout and somethings.

Smile- Nikia gave Emily a pair of shoes that squeek when she walks, I am not sure what is cuter Emily walking in them and giggling as she takes each step or the dog trying to figure out WHERE the squeek is coming from. :o)~

Shout- I am on day two of steroids, anti itch, anti inflammatory, anti anxiety drugs and now I am anti social and anti everything else.. no fun NOT at all!!

Somethings- Chucky made a Delicious steak dinner tonight, it was soo good. he ha been wonderful since I got sick... so thats a big something!! Emily is fighting sleep tonight.. funnnn.. ok not so much. We bought Twilight the movie yesterday.. sighs. its a good movie.

Smile- Chuck got a great Eval today with the Navy, and I am so proud of him, he has dealt with alot of crap from them in the past few years so him getting so much positive feedback has been awesome.

Shout- There are days I think we should abolish Mondays. I am so not ready for tomorrow. I am worn out, my head is pounding. Spring break isn't til April 13 and it could not come soon enough. sighs.

Somethings- AJ will be playing Travel baseball for the Norfolk Stampedes, the coach is a real genuinely nice guy (ok I say this now. I am allowed to change my mind in a few months :oP Anyways...Stephanie is SWOONING over him (its ok Steph.. he doesn't know about my blog yet) and that makes me giggle. We looked at prom dresses yesterday, we found a few. She has a date!! I am so excited for her. Mary decided to announce yesterday morning "MOM I have hair in a weird place" ::::sighs:::: yep thats where she meant.. ok good Mary, its perfectly normal. OH wait. let's call your dad and let him know :o)~ Its the little things that mean alot when I am sick can you tell?

Smile- I found Organic pancake batter in a spray can. Lazy? Yes. resourceful? oh yes. Gonna be hilarious when Danny mistake the can for whipped cream? Oh I can't wait.

Shout- Last night we watched the Boy in the striped pyjamas (I spelt it right.. google it) anyways... WOW. That movie. but why is this a shout? the end. Its not right. its sad. Watch it. trust me?

Something- Cheesecake is a beautiful thing. that is a BIG something. Team USA is tanking in this game.. :o( so not cool. but that does mean the Mets get back David Wright in a few days.. WOOHOOO. Baseball is back.. and I love that. I love spring for baseball. Thats right I said it. I am ALL about the game.

Ok there is a blog.. I am sorry it didn't make a lot of sense. I promise my not me Monday will be a little more sane.. or at least I will try.


Claire said...

My moms dog loves my kids Squeaky shoes & where did you find spray pancakes?? I want some!!!!

Tricia said...

BJ's two cans for 7.00 LOL I was so excited lol

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

spray pancakes...i am soo down for that. i've been buying the just add water ones but i still mess those runny, then too think. and i'm convinced i need a new griddle because I couldn't make a round pancake in the warped thing I have if my life depended on it. i <3 pancakes however i suck at making them.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I was thinking of all sorts of comments as I read this and now all I can think of is, "Mmmmm, cheesecake..."