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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

David and the bachelor.

First, I am going to start with the serious end of life. My sweet David. Today we had our meeting with the Preschool special education evaulation team (say that three times fast.. chuck.. I didn't mean it.. don't do it ok?) Anyways... David has an official diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, he seems to have passed that test with flying colors. He had to hit a benchmark and instead of hitting it, he sort of nailed it into the ground. Ironically, I don't feel it is bad news, I am quite the opposite, I feel justified. I feel like that maybe I am NOT insane. That maybe just maybe this bright adorable little boy isn't the horrible demon his school made him out to be. No instead I realize that while they could have helped me find out sooner what was going on, it was much easier to throw my son under the bus. And it really quite frankly pisses me off. They were so busy tattletaling every day, that they didn't take the time to look at the big picture, that maybe there was something developmental going on. No, that would have been too easy and God knows that school would never do anything that should be deemed making an effort. I knew in my heart there was something which was why on three separate occasions we asked the school for testing, we were denied and ignored. Each time telling me "he just needs to adjust" but what if they were not giving him the CHANCE to adjust. Sending him home at 9:30 when he got there at 9:00 AM., never looking at the big picture just looking at the wallet sized version. hes not behaving and we don't want to deal with him.. you do it. Nice. Instead in December Mrs Harper (name not changed to protect the guilty cause I could give a flying sorry.) tells me "When we find out WHATS wrong with him, he can come back" DO what?!?!? So I went to our pedetrician, who immediately saw what I saw, in 15 minutes the doctor saw what I saw, and asked what I asked "how can the school NOT see this?" because they didn't want to .. simple as that. GROWL! but then I talk to the wonderful Chris Meisel and his team, who were like angels sent from Heaven. They worked with my son. .they talked to my son.. they listened to us both.. and together they came to a diagnosis and a plan to help him. THANK YOU GOD!! Because I felt like I was one more phone call from being in a padded room crying "but I know there is something else.. I have had other four year olds and THIS is not normal" We go back in two weeks to get his IEP set up, and then they put him back in a PreK, and in September right on time he will start kindergarten. In the meantime, everything is ok. I am great, Chuck is great, and our son is as amazing as he always has been.. :o)~

:::: deep breaths::::: ok. I am better.. now onto the bachelor... I will confess I did not personally watch last nights show. GASP! What?! but you had to?! I know I know I heard..sorry..but NCIS was on.. and um. its an addiction ok? Anyways.. So I am watching Good Morning America this morning and the ladies were in a uproar.. ok not a big surprise its part of why I watch GMA.. I love Robin and Diane. :o)~ I think we would be friends.. lol Anyways..they are talking about how he picked one girl.. then dumped her and picked the other girl. (I think he picked Melissa originally.. changed his mind and then went to Molly). Ok.. apparently there is MORE to the story which will be on tonight.. but.... lets review a few things 1) Seriously? he changed his mind and she didnt slap him? cause I would have. 2) Molly.. girl.. I know you love him and all but who's to say he won't change his mind back.. seems like he flips and flops more then a fish and 3) does anyone else wonder if he went home told his son "I picked Melissa" for his son to say "but Dadddd I liked Molly" just putting it out there. I am gonna watch tonight cause well now I am curious.. but I was just wondering is there anyone who saw it and give me more insight?? please?

oh and thank you :o)~ More tomorrow Have a lovely day.. if you are cold stay warm! if you are in a warm climate :oPTPTPTPPTPT you are hereby grounded from my blog until you have to put a sweatshirt on.


Mrs B said...

I am so so so happy for you. This is what we've been praying for and it just goes to show that God listen's but sometimes His answer is "wait". Oh the victory! Happy dance for you! :)

Karen said...

1st sweatshirt is on! LOL

2nd I am so glad you got an answer for David. Not really an answer you wanted to hear but that knowing helps a ton!

3rd I didnt watch the whole season. LOL I think I watch half of the first show and that was it. But I had to watch last night just to see what was ::gasp:: so shocking! LOL I didnt think it was all that shocking. Hey he followed his heart. It was just going in different ways. I am different than most I think, because I dont think he is a dog. I think it was all played out by the tv show to end THIS way. Not that he didnt want to end it with Melissa but the way it happened. I think they must be gearing up for her to be on a future season. I think it is kind of funny reading all these people that say they will never watch the show again. I mean cmon now! They are watching a man date what 20 to 30 women all at one time? There is nothing wrong with that but him changing his mind at the end before he MARRIED her is wrong.....but that is just me and I will shut up now. I have to go getting hot and have to take this sweatshirt off! lol

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Ok first of all, yeah Bachelor is a jerk but Molly is an idiot!!!! But then again I think anyoe who signs up for the show at this point is knowing it's history and track record!!!!!

more importantly, would you mind sharing some about what things David does that are signs of Aspergers? Just asking as a feelow mom who tries so hard to help support moms going through the whole Dx thing. Ours was a Dx of ADHD but really it was the exact same emotions!!!!
Is there much out there to help you guys with Aspergers? We seem to be lucky and found our "wonder drug" for Timmy and he's doing so well in school that they won't do a 504 or IEP! That's fine for now as he really doesn't seem to need anything but I'll fight when if we need to. And it looks like its time to start looking as DS #2. Thank you genetics!

Crystal said...

Glad you got some answers and good luck with the IEP meeting, we just had Aana's IEP review meeting last week those are always a joy lol. I dont watch the bachelor but I do watch NCIS :-D but its on on Tuesdays here?