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Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday...

This blog carnival was created by MckmamaYou can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody els has not been doing this week.

Where to start where to start...... hmm..

I did not wake up this morning to see snow outside and do a quiet "Please let them have school today" prayer.

I did not smile when I found out it worked and they had a 2 hour delay..

I did not certainly get mad later when I realized how stupid our school system is we have school the day it snows..but on Jan 20th when it DIDNT snow we had the day off for anticipation of snow.. umm.

I did not get teary eyed when my beautiful 13 month old took off walking on her own.

I did not make it to Mass for the 3rd week in a row and as I sat in the pew think to myself how proud I was to finally be going back to Mass.

I did not thoroughly enjoy driving my beautiful new toy this past week.

I did not in turn complain that it is missing my favorite part of the old van (which tells me how many miles til we are on Empty.

I did not tell the four year old AGAIN this week not to bite the dog. @@ (seriously.. one time should have covered it right?)

I did not strip down a grumpy 13 month old to her diaper last night because she was hot and miserable and then let her sleep between her daddy and me which led to VERY little sleep for me.

I did not giggle and smile when I saw my husband who has gone back to school has a 99.7 in one class and a 99.53 in the other. WAY to go Chucky!!

I did not get up early in the morning on Saturday to print all his school work so he could read it all and be ahead of the game, only for him to FORGET it at home this morning @)*@)*#@%*)

I did not eat an entire bag of white chocolate pretzels and WISH I had more....

and finally....

I did not get sent this joke this morning for "Redneck seafood" and wonder two things 1) would the Catholic church letme get away with that on Fridays? and 2) would david eat it


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I did the hotdog octopi one time. It was fun, but in the end my kids still prefer it in a bun (boring kids)

Today I did not eat lemon bars for breakfast.

And I didn't think seriously about breaking me one week goal on a monday just because I wanted to.

And it most certainly wasn't me who blogged all morning instead of getting dressed. ;)

Crystal said...

LOL, I have seen the hotdog trick but I dont think it would make my girls eat it...

carma said...

white chocolate pretzels - love them!

Shawna said...

Ha ha, Tricia! I do that for Kaya. She loves it! Especially on a bed of Ramen noodles.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I made the squid hotdogs not too long kids who usually eat hot dogs like crazy were not impressed and didn't really touch the hotdog!

and I tagged you!! got ot my blog and see what you gotta do