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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Fiver...

My lovely Karen friend (who is NOT lovely because she is going to Walt Disney World tomorrow and thats JUST not right), used to do something she called a friday fiver. .she would ask questions and then ask for answers, so awwwwwaaaaayyyyy we go.

1) You have twenty four hours to pack up only necessary items before you have to bail out of your house what do you grab?

For me this is a no brainer, I would grab Matthews box (everything I have from his 22 hours), I would grab my Pooh collectibles, pictures, my laptop (hey hey I need this), and momentos from our family life.

2) If you had to eat only one food and drink one drink the rest of your life what would it be?

Chicken. .I can make it 100 different ways :o)~ and I would have to say Dr Pepper ( even if I am on a sprite kick right now)

3) what is your least favorite chore to do in the house?

The bathroom.. hello.. boys are GROSS and girls are pretty gross too lol.

4) Hit Random on your windows media player, IPOD, or Tv music channelswhat song plays? Do it again...

My life would suck without you--Kelly Clarkson and then Hammerhead Stew- Delbert Mcclinton

5) You are told you have to live out one source of entertainment for the rest of your life, TV, Music, or Movies.. what do you pick?

TV. As long as I have movies and Music I am good. :o)~

Ok what are your five answers??? Also my dear friend Julie gave me an award yesterday that touched my heart. I will be posting about that tonight or tomorrow. :o)~ Have a lovely day!! And thanks to everyone for answering yesterdays blog and letting me know I am not crazy.


Crystal said...

Glad you like sprite because I hate it lol.. Ever since I mixed it with this nasty liquid enema stuff before my colonscopy a few years back it has never been the same. Makes me want to vomit.. lol.

1) I would grab my pictures, momentos, kids memory boxes, 2 sets of clothes, and my computer since most of my pics are on the damn computer lol. And my cell of course :-P

2) Ground beef and mojitos lol

3)Totally the bathroom

4)bump n grind by r kelly and el mochomo by banda MS.. dont ask its dh crap lol.

5)TV, there is music and some movies on tv... even if there wasnt Id still pick tv.

Anonymous said...

I know I am lovely!