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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Questions that nobody can answer..

Have you ever noticed there are questions that will pick your brain.. no matter how bad you want and need an answer you can never seem to find one. So today I have a series of such questions and I would like answers to them, if you can come up with something.. creative.

1) Why is it so easy to share your food with the dog, but so hard to share it with your baby sister? David had both of them begging for a dorito (yea good mom of the year award for me. .go me) anyways.. he gave the dog one and told the baby sister NO. Umm. hmm.

2) Why do we all live for Freecycle and Craigslist? We want to get rid of our own stuff but have no issue taking stuff other people are giving away. and I am so guilty of this you have no idea.

3) Why is it that if you REALLY hate a song you know every word but if you LOVE a song you can't remember anything but the chorus and do the whole hmmm hmmm hmmm thing through out the song.

4) Why is it if someone says to you "you really should try this place" you are like "nah not really" but then when TWO people say "no its the BOMB you gotta try it" you race over there to try it. For the record, Firehouse subs kick butt.. and I will now listen to Mom and Nikia more (happy?)

5) Why is it that when the alarm clock goes off you hit snooze numerous times, but then on that last time when you get up you are mad because you are late.

6) Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? Sorry thats a song lyric.. my bad.

7) Why is it that when your 4 year old you can ask why questions all day long, but when someone else, say a 37 year old mother, does it back, said four year old is allowed to get annoyed?

8) Why is it that we count down the week til we get til Friday, but we never count down the weekend to get back to Monday.

9) Why is it that kids can complain about the food they get at lunch at school and then come home and eat a TV dinner that is pretty much the same slop in close to the same tray?

10) Why is it that will watch your favorite TV show over and over and over even though its a repeat you have seen close to 50 times and still act surprised at the ending even though you have seen it before.

And finally.

Why does a person feel the need to blog why questions.. wait I can answer that.. no really I can't :oX Have a nice day, I am gonna go countdown til Friday :o)~


Wayne said...

Hey great questions I do a simular thing isn't it fun. here are my answers for your qs.

1 I think that sibling rivals never share without protest

2. never heard of freecycle but I get your point. taking is always easy when its given with a good heart

3. Well I think that if you know a song word for word then you have listend to it maybe abit to often.

4. if enough people shout smoke you are gonna look for the fire right?

5. no one likes to hear the alarm gooing off in the morning I know I dont but I think we get mad at our self because we set the alarm with full intent to get up and when we don't we want to blame the alarm but deep down we know if we had got up with the first alarm instead of hitting the snooze button we would have never been late.

6. Just like me they long to be cloooosssee aaaagaggghhhhh!!! lol now you got me singing it.

7.When we are young we are ask questions. laaaa lla la laaaa close to AAAggggghhh it's stuck in my head now.

8 at the weekend it's no work for most people so I think the weekend is a natural relaxing time.

9. I think momma's cooking or home food is always better even if it is nuked.

10.A very good question. I think that even though we have seen the tv show 1000's of times we are sti shocked that we were shocked at the dreadful plot and acting lol.

I think that in life many people have some kind of a jurnal or dairy. This is just the same and the world can comment about what you think.

Crystal said...

LOL, I am the odd one out I count down the weekends because weekends take alot of energy with the kids home and I work fri,sat and sun (and wed too) so Monday IS my weekend even if I have to get up to get the girls to school lol. I am so guilty of craigslist and freecycle but I think I give away and or sell more then I buy off of those.. but in return I only buy more crap at the thrift stores and ebay.. like the basketball shaped toybox I bought on Tuesday.. lmao.