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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesdays Temptations.

There are days, (ok it's usually every 28 days... cough cough... sometimes its more often) that certain things tempt me, and then I spend the next 21 days (ya know after the 7 bad ones) making up for it. So today, I am going to discuss temptations of mine, during that ya know.. week. (IS she really blogging about PMS? Yep, she is. She's broken out.. feels like butt... and figures why not?)

1) White chocolate dipped pretzels. How do I love thee let me count the way? Go ahead try and take one out of the bag, I can't promise you won't lose a finger. Just saying.

2) Vanilla Mint Lipgloss from Old Navy- This is WAY more then every 28 days, its more like 28 times a day, but I can't write a blog all about food.. Hello.. that would not be good for my ever expanding figure. :oX

3) Cheesecake. I am not sure I have ever met one I don't like. .and if there is one out there, please do not ruin my happy thoughts.. I don't want to know about it ok?

4) Whatchamacallit- My favorite candy bar of the 1980's is back.. That's the good news. . the bad news it picked THIS week to reappear...oh wait and it brought its friend. the THINGAMAGIG (yea I am not kidding)

5) Open mouth Emily kisses- giggles she pulled me to her to give me a peck today. I think I am in love.. forever.

6) Dr Pepper.. Someone needs to put this and Coffee in an IV drip. .and I would be good.

7) My pillow at night. It is the perfect fluffy pillow. I love it. It makes me late some mornings.. but I love it.

8) Louise's tarts- every time I say "that's my favorite" I find a new one (this week.. Dragon's blood) She kicks butt. I adore Louise and her tarts (

9) Spring time- Everything is new and pretty, the only thing bad is my allergies kick into high gear but hey if we can survive some sneezing we will be JUST fine.

10) Stephanie, Danny, AJ, Mary, David, Emily, and Chucky- Not so much temptations as my favorite part of my life :o)~ Every daynot just every 28.

Ok there are my top ten temptations for this week, I know I forgot some, but I also know I got most of them in. I am trying to keep things light as my heart is with Stellan and his family. Please keep them in your prayers.


Crystal said...

Oh I love those damn candy bars.. I didnt know they were back?? good thing I am not on a diet :-P.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

was this your own idea? you're really good at coming up with the themes!
and I love the graphic.
hershey's cheesecake kisses, YUM!
as far as 7 days of misbehaving, i hear ya. except mine is a good 14 thanks to things being all out of whack from an IUD