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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The rumor of my demise....

was only slightly exaggerated today. I have had a rash all over my arms (and um other places) for well, for longer then I should have let it go. Now, my arms are swollen and I have places I have scratched raw because it hurts so bad. I went to see my doctor a giant quack, on Wednesday who basically told me it was something for a demeratolagist. Forget the fact that there was heat coming from it, and that it hurt so extremely bad. @@ So this morning I dropped AJ off at baseball (welcome to my world til October.. traveling team this year.. hes tickled I am gonna be worn out by July guarantee it). after another night of no sleep, chuck and I agreed today I needed to go to get my arms and self looked at. I saw the most wonderful doctor, he made things so much better and gave me a game plan, told me he sees an allergic reaction, and we narrowed it down to the laundry detergent I had to use all of because I am too cheap not to. I didn't get treated because well I am cheap. I didn't want to pay our co-pay. So now this leads us to now, I am on a steroid and an anti-inflamatory and anti itch medecation. For, the first time in almost two weeks, I have not spent the night clawing my skin off, and being miserable. I think I may actually :::shock! gasp!:::: sleep tonight.

Unfortunately due to this turn up, my prizes for my giveaway are now going out Monday, please accept my apologies and please no I do not frequently run so late. I am so sorry!! As for the short blog.. my meds are kicking in. .I will post more tomorrow. Sleep sweet. I know I am sure gonna try!!!!!


Claire said...

I hope your feeling better today!!!!!!!

Louise said...

Have you been drinking Vault soda?