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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tagged again.....

Lisa my darling friend who posts a blog about her three boys, that is witty and sweet and always has the coolest giveaways Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy...Life as a working mom with three boys! that is her blog.. pay her a visit, if you are not following her now.. follow her.. she writes a great blog.!! Anyways Lisa would like me to post six weird things about me, and then tag six people to post six weird things about them... Oh Lisa... sweetie.. I am the mother of six weird children can I list them and be done? HA! I kid.. ok.. let me think

1) I would give my left arm and a fairly decent portion of my right to go to Walt Disney World. I love it there, and if I had a chance to go and spend even two or three days I would be there in an instant, ok so thats not weird.. the Weird part is that my favorite vacation (even with all the drama we had) was when Me, Chuck, Stephanie, Danny, AJ, Mary, David, my EX husband (did you get that part? he paid for the whole trip with an inheritance from his grandfather), one of my dearest friends Desere, Shane and Andrew (her two boys) all went to Disney world in November 2006. May not sound weird but trust me.. WHO goes on vacation with their ex husband? It was a great time though.

2) I have a real issue with not having toys sorted out.. I sort the disney ones, the blocks, I have baskets for everything, and I have a really bad case of toy ADHD. I am a definite froot loop about the toys, and with so many kids it drives poor Chuck and my teenagers crazy that I am not normal about that lol

3) If I could open my own business it would be a catering business. .well geesh thats not weird.. no the weird part is I don't think I am a very good cook so I think I would fail miserably even though everyone tells me I would do great. I love to cook all kinds of foods too, so its not like it would be one thing or another.

4) I am a huge fan of True Blood and Twilight both.. Both are about vampires but are on such different ends of the spectrum, one almost always focuses on the blood and sex.. the other very little blood and no sex. But I love them both equally. (Go Team Edward)

5) I have an obssession with pens. I love pens of all sorts and types and constantly buy pens whether I need them or not because I like to try different ones out.

6) I have notebooks all over the house with notes of all different types in side... to do lists, grocery lists, things I want to try out, menus, cleaning lists, and a bunch of others. I write them to keep my mind fresh but will usually put it down and then when I can't find it I grab a new notebook and start all over again. at one point when we cleaned out our old van Chuck found 10 notebooks in there :oX but um.. they weren't mine.. someone planted them there.. really. :oX ok. they were mine.. sighs.

So now I have to tag six people and I want weird things..

so I tag

My darling Tricia who I adore and miss talking to Random Thoughts Of The Essential & Inconsequential

My new friend Lizzy who makes me smile with her blogs but another I think I would be great friends with. .we share alot in common and shes just soo nice!! My Ice Cream Diary

Chucky who can drive me crazy but I love him anyways lol Old mans answers to Old woman

Wayne my new friend who is another who has a great blog that is fun to read Wayne's window to the world

Christine who I won't call out and say she needs to blog more because I love to read it.. oops sorry.. but you do!! Life of a Princess!

And finally Amanda.. because she is a sweetheart who I am so excited for so lets see whats weird about you!! Flip Flop Mommy

So now boys and girls you have been tagged on... lets see your posts!! oh and for fun.. I also tag Nikia, Karen and Louise but they don't blog so they can post them here :oP Miss Nikia and Karen you are tagged for laughing at my 20 year reunion heres your payback and Miss Louise I just wanna see what you have to say :o)~


Mrs B said...

I miss you too boo.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

love the thought to just blog about your six "weirdos"
thanks for doing my tag. you rock girly. and i used to be weird aboutthe toys but then the boys broke every darn container i had for them so i gave up. most of their toys are now in our basement in garbage bags.

Karen said...


1. I have to sleep with a pillow over my head no matter what. And one between my legs. Plus have to have my stuff animal manatee.

2. I sit in the bath tub every night for at least an hour sometimes as long as three, reading my books.

3. My husband loves to bug me and drive me crazy but the truth is when he doesnt bug me it makes me sad. lol

4. I have a very real diet coke.

5. I tend to like tv shows that are really nothing like me in real life. Like america's next top model. I hate make up, I hate getting my picture taken, I hate people that think their poo dont stink.....yet I love that show. And many more like it (gossip girl! LOL)

6. I only like to drink milk out of plastic glasses but can only drink water out of a real glass. lol yeah I dont know either. I have never claimed to be normal.

Shawna said...

Ha ha! I also love True Blood and pens. :)

Tricia said...

wow what a great combo pens and vampires,if we ever meet one we can write about it lol