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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The weekend in Review..

The? Ok more importantly mine :o)~. Let me see what did I do this weeekend:

Friday night: we stayed home.. sounds kind of boring.. but we actually got alot done, we grocery shopped, made dinner (Broc and cheese soup. Yum-O and provolone cheese sandwiches.

Saturday morning: I got up.. pushed Chuck out of bed, he went to work.. I sorted out Emilys clothes.. it is entirely too hard to pick 1 cute outfit when you have so many for spring.. TOTALLY not fair. Then I got dressed....

Saturday afternoon: Mel, the girls and I headed for Hampton I had an errand to run, we then went to visit my favorite baby merchandiser (she sells baby stuff SUPER cheap), I grabbed a Elmo for Emily (ok.. let's discuss him for a second.. he plays music with a guitar... WHAT I was thinking is beyond me....Steph found a Rainbow brite doll.. a book for David called David gets in trouble, which was PAINFULLY acurate. He got a bag of random toys he can hold in his hands (his favorites) and we got Mary a Bratz cadillac and two Bratz dolls. then off to lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Which was yummy yummy yummy. We then headed home through all the Phish fans (THAT was fun)

Saturday evening: I went to Mass, I told Chuck and Mel I was going to apologize for whatever I was gonna do later on that night. We came back, Chuck worked on his homework. We worked on dinner. I put on a good boob shirt (ok you all know you own one right?) and Mel and I went off to see Seth Walker.

saturday night: We get to the Taphouse in Norfolk. Mel walks in and is greeted like the movie star she is :o)~ (I refer to her concert person as "Concert Mel") We meet up with the guys from the nights show (Seth Walker, Josh his bassist and his drummer who sadlys name I can't recall right now) we ate a fantastic crab dip, had a glass of wine, chatted, had another glass of wine, Chatted some more, I ordered a beer off the beer menu (hey were were in a TAP house.. I had to). I ordered a Woodchuck Amber Draft Cider. It was made with 7 different kinds of apples. It was fabulous.. I told Mel I am drinking Cider. she said "when did Cider get a head on it?" "um.. now?" I am not a beer drinker but I LOVE Apple cider. good beer. Anyways.. we watched Seth Walker put on a fantastic show, and watched the patrons of the restaurant REALLY swing dance which was on.. OH wait and the drunk guy when I went to the bathroom and didn't realize there was a line and he cursed at me and told me "we are in a #*@)# line and you need to get to the end of the @#%*@)#%* line" yeah real charmer.. someone else came to my rescue and snarled at him. After the show we said our goodbyes, got pictures and hugs and headed off to the house. got home Thanks to stupid Daylight savings at 3:30 AM. :oX

Sunday Morning: Emily decides she loves me and gets up at 9 AM. I love her. She gets handed off to our daughter Saint Mary.. I curse that orange thing in the sky (some call it the sun) because I am not ready to see it yet. and go back to sleep for an hour.. We get up later and start to get everyone together to go build sandcastles on the beach. I write Chuck a grocery list, a short time later we are heading to the beach.

Sunday Afternoon: BEACH. Sun.. fun.. well except for Emily who was NOT a fan of sand in her toes.. she was annoyed.. BIG time. But we had a good time getting out in the sand sun and fun.

Sunday night: We made dinner.. Chuck had to go to work, and in a little while I may go to bed. :o)~ More tomorrow and there will be a few things on my Not Me Monday lol.

Grr I had pics to Add but stupid Blogger is being a jerk.. grrr.

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JalenasMommy said...

Sounds like a fun productive weekend! Glad you got out for some "me" time! have a great week! :-)