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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why me Wednesday?

Why Me Wednesday, a blog festival began by listening to my sweet 17 year old daughter constantly ask "Why me?.. so feel free to join in.. I am Mr linky stupid. soo if someone wants to explain how to use him, I am game to set it up :o)~ if not .. just blog it for yourself.. Why me Wednesday gives you writes to complain all you want as long as you say "Why me" afterwards.

I just noticed this blog on Tabitha's page.. and realized I didn't even realize it was Wednesday.. Why me??

I feel like this week is just crawling by, and perhaps that is why I did not realize it. Why me?

I need a vacation, I am so tired and irritable lately. .I need some me time. Why me?

The cleaning fairies are late again, and my living room needs help. Why me?

I think its sad that I believe in the clean up fairies but I won't stop because well I need them to blame.. Why me?

I got a call from Danny's Social studies and English teacher, he apparently has spring fever and has stopped doing homework and has a D in both classes.. WHY ME??

I am hopelessly addicted to facebook.. sighs. (hey hey if you have one add me!) Why me??

I have a hangover today from ST Patricks day festivities.. ok that would be more fun if it was true.. I have a hangover because I took two benadryl and today I am in a benadryl foggg.. why me?

I tried to figure out Mr Linky.. but he doesn't like me.. why me?

and finally...

There are two more days til Friday and I am ready to turn off my alarm clocks TODAY. why me???

So what has you saying why me?? Cat and Dog fighting? Kids fighting? hubby being a pain in the ahem.. go ahead join in the fun!!! :o)~ it feels good to vent and be allowed to whine!!!!!

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