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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturdays aren't supposed to feel so long....

This morning, even though the wicked alarm clock was in the off position, I still found myself awake at 7 AM, we will not go into how completely wrong I find this.. no we will just go through the motions of my day and why at 8:00 PM I am wishing I could go to bed.. proofing once again that I am old.

7 AM- I wake up, call Stephanies cell phone to make sure she is up for her field trip (lazy? you betcha).. she is.. I wake Chuck (the driver.. hey his car was behind mine he lost by default). I check to make sure she has coffee on.

715 AM- They leave for the field trip and of course I tell myself I am going back to bed.. haha I crack me up.. it did NOT happen this way.

730 AM- I call the bank.. hey we all have our little anal retentive things.. this is mine.. its the occupational hazard of being an accountants daughter.

745 AM- I try and tell myself I am going back to bed.. not.. didn't happen. I start my list.. WOOHOO spring cleaning.. WOOHOO! this will be fun.. if you think Chinese water torture is fun.. then it was.

830 AM- I grab a shower, become human start my list I am good to go.. I am prepared and planned today.. woot woot.

9:30 AM- Chuck aka the living dead wakes up, also Princess Pea stirs as well.. I throw her in the tub :::Scrub a dub dub.. Emily yelled in the tub::::: then got mad she had to get out..

10 AM Chuck and I head to the dollar store for 3 things. .12 dollars later we are done.. oh don't judge you do it too.. ;oP We talk about how the new vans clock keeps resetting but hey there is nothing wrong. .its a new car.. what could be wrong.. Murphy is NOT funny.

1015 AM we go see Mel grab Australia head to Wawa for gas. I call the car lot people explain what is up, they tell me to bring it over Monday they will give me something to drive.. NO harm NO foul..

1020 AM Chuck refuels..we go to restart the van.. nothing.. nada.. DEAD. damn. I call them back.. "hi remember me?"

1140 AM- we head to the Lot AFTER someone finally jumps our stupid Van.. I growl the whole way.. we pull in.. I try to show the guy .. the stupid van starts everytime he thinks I am nuts.. he gives us an Isuzu Rodeo to drive around in . .::ahem::: fun car.

12:45 PM we go pick up Steph from her field trip head home and finally begin the spring training list ( see 745 AM)

2:05 PM- Nap time for Emily. .and well Stephanie.. who is tired and grumpy..

300 PM- I make homemade meataballs (my first time. a HUGE hit. except with David who HATES spaghetti and meatballs) we make dinner, we eat and now it is

8 PM-- and I wanna know on a Saturday night is it wrong to go to bed.. Gee I am such a party animal..

Yawn.. more tomorrow.. promise.. Yawn.


Crystal said...

LOL any news on the van?? and your 12:45 says spring training not cleaning.. thinking baseball much? lol

Tricia said...

OMG. .ok look I have baseball on the brain..SUE me. .lol