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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Survey Says.................

Ok this was sent to me earlier this month, I was saving it for a day when I needed blog help.. well chickadees TODAY is the day.. I feel tired and weak. ( I think i am having BP issues again.. I can feel my heart beating in my ears) So I decided today is the day..

The Most Random Survey

What's the first thing you do when waking up in the morning? Pee. No reason to candy coat it. I PEE.
Do you prefer a shower or bath? Showers in a rush. .a bath to soak. .but I have had like 3 since we moved in this house... no time without someone walking in.. kid.. dog.. husband. cats.

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? 2.. and that sadly really isnt enough
How often do you find yourself thinking about your ex? every other friday.. Child support pay day lol
What kind of cell phone do you have? LG Env2 Maroon.
What would you do with your significant other if you knew today was your last day with them? You can bet the phrase bom chicka wow wow would be involved
Have you said "I love you" today? yes
What's one thing you actually remember about kindergarten? This is the day. This is the day.. that the Lord has made that the Lord has made.. Let us rejoice let us rejoice and be glad in it! and be glad in it!! Want proof I went to kindergarten in Texas in the 70s? it was a PUBLIC shool lol
Did you cry at your graduation or smile because you were glad it was over? Cried and smiled and sweated my ass off. .it was 104 degrees in the gym
Are you closer with your mom or dad? Mom.. my dads in Heaven
Do you prefer the tanning bed or the sun? Sun
Is chocolate really better than sex? well I have chocolate ALOT more then I have sex so you do the math
What's 2 of your favorite movies?Fireproof and The Notebook and PS I love you
What's the last thing you think about before going to sleep at night? is the alarm clock set?
What would you do if your best friend jumped on your ex the day after you two split? die of shock.. the only reason she would jump on him would be to kick his ass lol
How many rumors have you heard about yourself? plenty ROFLMAO
Which one did you find to be the funniest? that I still had feelings for my EX from my ex's EX girlfriend did you get that?
Does your life seem to revolve around drama? my family puts the fun in dysfunctional
What's a nickname you go by? Pooh
What are 3 places you want to see in the world? Australia, Ireland, and Euro Disney
A movie or a long walk in the park on the first date? movie then a long walk after
What are 3 of the first things you notice about the opposite sex? arms, eyes, smile
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? old
In 10? older
Do long distance relationships actually work out? Some do.. some struggle
Ever thought you met "The One"? no, I didn't think . I KNEW
What are 2 of your favorite places to eat? Logan's and Red Robin.. yum
3 of your favorite places to shop? Old Navy, Disney Store, Walmart
Do you currently have a job? I am a mom.. its a job. TRUST me only my neanderthal knuckle scraping brother doesnt think so.
Which would you rich and miserable, or poor and extremely happy? poor and happy. I do it so well now .. why stop?
What's one of your favorite TV shows? NCIS
Would you ever date someone covered in tats and piercings? Chuck has tats
What's your favorite perfume or cologne for the opposite sex? Good ole Polo or Drakkar
Do you believe the first kiss tells you everything you need to know about the relationship? No chance... its like the sixth or seventh
Where do your hands go when kissing someone? depends on whos getting the kiss
Do you know who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponebob Square Pants
How many showers do you take in one day? 1 unless its brutal then 2
Are those better when you've got someone to join you?at times
Would you want a house at the beach or in the mountains? beach
Which would you rather have...a huge walk in shower or a jacuzzi bath tub big enough for 2? jacuzzi tub
What are 2 of your favorite colors? turquoise and purple
What's your favorite ice cream? mint chocolate chip
Do you like Starbucks...or are they just overpriced? Love it.. but it is pricey
What color are your eyes? Brown
How many times has an ex just called you up when you least expect it? alot. .but we are friends so its ok
Do you ever actually make your bed? yes every morning
How many pillows do you have to sleep with? 7 on the bed
Do you prefer to sleep alone or with someone? with someone
What could you tolerate...someone who snores or a sleep walker? I have a snorer lol
Ever think Texas should just be part of Mexico? Nooooo
What time is it right now? 8:06 PM
What's your zodiac sign? Gemini
How long does it usually take you to get dressed? 5-20 minutes depending on what I am doing.
Do you prefer to call or text someone? call but I text a ton too
Who is your celebrity heart-throb? Garth Brooks <3
Would you have survived 100 years ago? sure.
What was one thing you wanted for your birthday you didn't get? I don't know
Are you a happy person? yes :o)~
If money was no option...what type car would you own? A BIG one lol. six kids
What are 3 set radio stations in your vehicle right now? Eagle 97.3, 94.9 the Point, and 98.7 WNOR or FM99.
Do they "wear-out" good songs by over playing them? OH way too often
What's one thing you always said you'd never do but have done? have more then 3 kids.. oopsie. my bad
What have you done that you are proud of? Raised strong confident kids.
Do you go to church every Sunday? as of the past four weeks, yes I do
Do you have a hidden talent? I can make humans :o)~ but I retired
Are you an adrenaline junkie or someone who plays-it-safe? a little of both
Do you like water parks? yes love them.
What do you normally eat for breakfast? cereal, grits or a grapefruit
What is one of your childhood memories? Going to Paris with my grandparents and family and our van died.. we had to sleep overnight in Paris.
Do you like to cuddle? I do
Do you have an actual comforter on your bed? yes
Do you like the heat or cold weather? hot. beach all the way.. so david can PEE in the water more.. lol
What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? Flintstones or Jetsons
Do you prefer dogs or cats? Dogs.. sometimes.. but ours is a pain in the arse
When no one is you actually walk around naked? NOOO
Have you ever seen a ghost? Sometimes I feel my dad around.. does that count?
What's the best movie you've seen recently? Twilight
Do you prefer scary movies or comedies? Comedies
Ever had a huge crush on someone and never tell them? yes
Did you high school have the clicks like Mean Girls? yes
Are you a bashful or outgoing person? outgoing
If you could change one thing about your body...would you? YEP I would change
alot. .I am not a big fan of "Me"
If someone held a gun to your head and asked you..."Do you believe in God?" what would you say? Yes I do.
Would you drive 1000 miles for the one you love? I would drive 100 times more for someone I love
Would you actually relocate for the one you can't live without? Yes, what part of Navy wife don't you understand?
How many kids do you want? 6.. 6 sounds good. :o)~
What's your favorite name for a girl and boy? Stephanie, Mary, Emily for girls.. Matthew, Daniel, Andrew and David for boys lol (all my kids names)
Have you ever actually snuck out of your house? Yes.. numerous times as a teen and as an adult
How many things have you done that your parents don't know about? tons
Ever been taken to jail? Nope
What are you about to do now that this survey is over? Thank GOD its over.

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who lives in a pineapple under the sea lol...