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Friday, March 6, 2009

Factoid Friday.....

I have been trying to figure out what to post today.. I am in a bit of a funk today, so it took me a bit to come up with something. so I decided to post factoids about me, my kids etc.

Chuck is my second husband, my first husband was the oldest four kids father, he and I broke up after he had a 3 year affair with my best friend.. I tried to make it work but every fight I threw the affair in his face. We are the best of friends now, but it took us a long time to get to that point.

My oldest daughter is the only person I know who at 17 knows EVERYTHING she wants to do with her life.. she wants to go into the Navy and she wants to be a lawyer. I am so proud of her.

Danny could spend 24 hours a day on a video game if we let him... too bad for him. .we don't

AJ has played baseball every season since he was 4 and started with TBall. He starts to bug me in January about when sign ups are, he eats sleeps and breathes baseball. He is a dedicated player and even a dedicated fan of the Mets.

Mary has horrible eye sight, she is legally blind in her left eye, and we found this out when she was 8. Slowly but surely we are retraining her eyes but it has been a LONG hard battle to get to this point. Her old school finally got her IEP done and I am so glad because it has made all the difference for her.

David has Aspergers syndrome. We always suspected there was something going on in his mind, but found out on Tuesday of this week that he definitely has Aspergers Syndrome. He is an amazing little boy with a very active imagination :o)~

Emily started walking last week, she has seven teeth and is currently cutting 3 more which is probably why she is so moody lol. She was a complete shock (Cinco de mayo + Margarita + miscalculation on ovulation = Emily :o)~

Mel and I listen to the kids complain every day how long it takes to straighten up the house, she and I finished the entire house in 30 minutes to include dishes and vacuuming. Talk about speed cleaning. :o)~ and unlike the kids we didnt shove anything.

I gave away a diaper box of Summer clothes from Emily today on freecycle.. So now she only has FOUR boxes of clothes :oX Sad isnt it? Sadder still 1/2 of them are 18 months and she is still in 6/9 months and 12 months clothes.

Hmmm what else? oh the alarm clocks are turned off for tomorrow and Sunday. .wooohooo

oh and when did day light savings time get so early. .geesh.

ok.. I am off on some errands more later!!

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Crystal said...

You sure that wasn't Margaritas as in plural lol.