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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fiver part 2.

Again, this is a Friday Fiver.. today for fun I googled Random questions and I got some doozies LOL. I found something that offered 50 Random questions, I asked my partner in crime friend Mel to give me 5 numbers she picked 5, 7, 14, 19, and 22. So the following questions will be answered. The first person to leave a comment can pick another nunber I will add. :o)~ Just for fun.

Question number 5: When is the last time you went to the mall?

I have no clue, Malls require money and I am what I like to refer to as professionally broke.. I am so good at it, I have turned it into an art form.

Question number 7: Do you have a car worth over $2000?

Yes, two of them actually. My Pontiac Montana (which is NUSED. New to me but Used) and the Chrysler Town and Country (Which is blue booked for more then $2000 but with its current transmission issues I would not give you a dime for it lol.

Question number 14: Last Food you ate?

There were two Pooh and Tigger waffles left over this morning and I ate them after I made David and Emily waffles. :o)~ They were good too lol.

Question number 19: What is your favorite animal?

Hmm.. I love elephants.. I love the way they look I have no idea why but I do.

Question number 22: Worst injury you've ever had?

Ok.. this is gonna sound odd, but AJ was falling down our basement steps, when he was two years old. .I caught him by the arm and slid down four steps on the side of my foot. I fractured my ankle and broke my foot. It was barney purple for WEEKS. Lots of fun. .really.

Ok there are my five questions so today I have a challenge. Pick five questions (any five you want) off of this site. Top Ten Lists - 50 Random Questions. They can be whatever numbers you want and then post it on your blog.. it will relieve some stress trust me :o)~ lol. Have fun!! its Friday.. and T.G.I.F!!!!!

Edited to add my question number 32 given to me by my new friend Carol: What do you want to know about the future?

I want to know if all my kids will grow up to be happy and well adjusted grownups. I want to know if they will ever figure out that I really DO know more then they give me credit for and I want to know if those pesky pre baby pounds will EVER go away :o)~

Thanks Carol for playing along!! whos next???


Anonymous said...

I will pick ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm number 32 :-)

And I'm going to pick #'s 11, 12, 30, 36 and 40 to answer myself on my blog.

loopy747 said...

I pick number 49.