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Thursday, March 26, 2009

An open letter to DJ Lance..

Dear DJ Lance,

Sure I will admit at first I scoffed at the idea that one of my children could ever love you the way they love me. I mean I am Mommy, I offer great hugs, some pretty darn good meals, I am fun, and hey well what's not to like right? Well apparently.. Emily has found something in you that I don't offer.

Whether it is your big orange hat, the glasses you wear or the colorful company you keep. You have a big fan in my 14 month old daughter. Jealous? No not at all, I don't mind sharing her. After all, you keep her attention I get to breathe for a minute. Every now in then I can pop in the room and immediately sing with her "There's a yummy in my tummy.. so yummy.. so yummy" I then immediately escape to try and find my happy place but for that moment. .you have made me the cool mom again.

But DJ Lance, what I don't offer in raw talent, I make up for in personality. Ok so I don't break into song, or dance and well, ok. .you definitely have me on those. But today DJ Lance.. I am just gonna say Thanks ok? There I said it.

You win, I lose. We would be lost without you. We cool right?

-Humbly Mommy of Emily


OldWomansOldMan said...

i love you but you my friend are a queen DORKCHOP:-P

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

LOL DORKCHOP LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
made my night.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I had to accept a major defeat to Dora last year.