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Friday, March 27, 2009

And yet another rousing edition of....

The FRIDAY fiver!! See Karen without even realizing it you have started a trend. I have found by FRiday my brain is mush... (this week more so.. I went to the dermotoligst today, I have stress related hives.. umm ok. I am now on so many meds I will be talking like the Governator in a week :o)~ but thats another story...) Now on to the five.

1) You sign online, you hear "You've got mail", the first person who IMs you is:

Hmm.. ok usually its Crystal, Karen, or my friend Susan. Or if Mel is home and we don't want to get up we text.. yes, from across the house . Lazy? no.. resourceful.. yes

2) Have you ever eaten a crayon, glue or clay?

Crayon.. yes.. guilty.. I even shoved a pebble up my nose. and had to get it removed :oX there I said it. Glue um no but I used to put it on my hand and then wait for it to dry and peel it off.. maybe thats why I have such youthful hands. Clay er um nope.

3) What are you wearing right now?

Isn't that a bad pickup line? Sorry.. my bad. I am in red and white leopard pajama pants (no, Iam not kidding) and a red shirt that says "Wild thing" on it. Yep.. that's right I am bringing sexy back.

4) What's the last thing you ate?

:::steps away from the Oreos:::: Nothing that isn't good for me that's for sure. ITS not me .its the stupid steroids.. sighs.

5) Are you someone's best friend?

I hope so.. I know I have a best friend. .a few of them.. but Gosh I hope someone says "that's my best friend" :o)~ But yes seriously.. Mel says I am her best friend.. or accomplice. .I am not sure which somedays lol.

ok so there are 5 questions.. more blog tomorrow. ;o)~ I think I will reenter the world of "for just one week" with Liz hhmmm. now what to do...

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Thats okay I have a pair of xmas pajama pants that say HOHOHOHO all over them... that I wear all yr round. I live in pajama pants... especially fleece ones.