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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturdays Blog...

We are sorry... if you came to this page anticipating seeing one of Tricia's sometimes fun, sometimes entertaining, always very full of talk about children blogs, we are sorry but she has taken the day off to go out with her best friend to see Seth Walker (look him up!! really good music). Earlier in the day when she was out, instead of blogging she was enjoying 76 degree weather with her daughters and said best friend :oX. She will return tomorrow, same blog time, same blog channel! Have a nice night.... mine will involve something that doesn't come in a juice box, a plastic bottle and does involve being carded. NIGHT!! :o)~

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Crystal said...

oh hope you enjoyed yourself! I tried a drink called a sugar cookie at work when I got off last night, have been wanting to try it, then joined a coworker and her husband who is also coworker and some of their friends for a little bit. Was in bed by midnight teehee.