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Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday..

This blog carnival was created by MckmamaYou can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody els has not been doing this week. ***please keep MckMama and her little boy Stellan in your prayers, he is in the hospital with some heart issues.. we are praying for you McKmama, Prince Charming, Mckids, and Stellan!!!*****

And now I will tell you things I never did this week and therefore you will learn that I am actually quite innocent of all these possible nonoffences.

I did NOT go see my original Dr, Dr quack this week to be treated like dirt and told that what I have going on was something different, thus putting my treatment for what I do have behind.. grr

I did NOT then go see a wonderful doctor on Saturday and tell him "please help me because I feel like a leper" No there is no chance I would have said that out loud.

I did NOT watch twilight three times this weekend because that would be overkill. And I am sure as heck probably not gonna watch it again today.

I did NOT call my mother and two separate friends and tell them how desperately they need to read the Shack. That it was as amazing as everyone has said it is.

I did NOT put socks on Emily that did not match this morning and justify it by telling myself "its ok we arent going anywhere anyways" (they are both pink one has a flower on the top the other doesn't)

I did NOT just see David flaking styrofoam all over my floor.. which is already in a ignored state because I do not feel good today :o(

I did NOT skip Mass yesterday because I did not feel good and also may have been a little concerned with the vanity of it all, and didn't want to be seen with my arms they way they are.. because who would care about that?

I did NOT giggle when a friend held pink Bikini bottoms up like they were on my husbands rear end as we walked through walmart because that would be childish... childish but funny :o)~ lol

and finally..

I did NOT just find my 14 month old daughter sound asleep under the futon. awww poor baby. I am gonna go rescue her (take a picture) and put her down for a nap lol


Crystal said...

LOL walmart antics are so fun!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

LOVE that you are going to take a picture before rescuing your baby. =)

It was definitely NOT ME who asked my husband to block all TV sites on the internet so I would stop wasting entire days watching it.