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Saturday, March 28, 2009

For Just one week.

Ok.. Mea culpa Mea Culpa.. Mea Maxima Culpa.. its been sometime since I have visited "For Just one week" oh. .I read them, but I well. .I chickened out. I didn't want to be held accountable for something I knew I would stop.. or get tired of.. etc. Yep. .I know. .I stink.. you can say it. But ya know what... sometimes its ok to just say "I was weak" and today.. I am planting my feet in the batter's box.. I am staring down that pitcher who is looking at me with a fastball and I say "Bring it on!" So here we go, thanks to Liz and her fabulous blog..My Ice Cream Diary: For Just One Week I am READY TO RUMBLE....... (Somewhere Micheal Buffer is debating whether to sue me for that. . that man makes a million dollars for saying that at sporting events... psst Micheal.. save the litigation.. you can't get blood from a stone.. but I will give you a teenager.. or two)

Ok.. and now on with the show.. FOR JUST ONE week.... I will keep the laundry caught up during the day, clean the kitchen before I play on the computer and attempt to keep the kitchen table in a livable condition daily. Because I have been slacking. I admit that the past two weeks have been bad, but I will be better I promise!! So that is one.. (yes, three but really its only one)

The second one... I am going to ask the sweet wonderful Miss Liz to email me Pablo's exercise game. I am going to participate in the game and try and do healthy vs unhealthy things. Now this is a huge task for me right now because currently I am on a steroid for the next month adnd I swear I am eating everything on the kitchen table and well hell just for grins and giggles.. the fricking table. So maybe if I have use this "game" it will help me stabilize the good and the bad habits.

The third thing on my for JUST one week is I am going to attempt to blog before 2 PM, I have been slacking.. often having issues with something to blog about... which is amazing since I have no issue talking.. EVER. .I think I am in a blog rut.. but I also think I am gonna stick to M-W as my themes. (Mckmama's Not me Monday, Tuesday Temptations (this one is new but was alot of fun), Why me Wednesday. :o)~ I can do it.. that's right I am good.

Ooooh we found Stephanies prom dress its white and pink and so pretty.. :o)~ I am so excited for her.. but so sad she is growing up.. who said THAT was allowed.. :o( not me. ok. more tomorrow. .. have a lovely day.. Please keep Stellan in your prayers he is still in SVT in the hospital. :o(


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I am loving Pablo's game, though right now I'm loosing because my husband caught me saying a couple bad things about myself and that put me behind.

You have set ambitious goals and I really can't wait to see how they turn out.

Shawna said...

Good luck keeping the table clean! That's a battle I lose daily. It's funny how much it affects your day to see the table either piled up with junk or clean. The latter sure makes me happy. It's actually clean right now, and we even ate dinner there!!!