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Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday.

This blog carnival was created by MckmamaYou can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody else has not been doing this week.

There is absolutly no chance that I forced my family to spring clean with me all weekend even though they did not see where the house needed it.. but since I did.. I made them.. nope not me.

I did not then thoroughly enjoy my 17 year old giving her younger siblings a mighty tongue lashing for NOT helping out with the tasks we had at hand.

I did NOT go to the dollar store for three items, and leave with twelve.. because who would do that? certainly not me.

I did NOT put up another new blog giveaway to find it totally ignored by everyone except Crystal and my sweet daughter (who posted it on her blog).. it did not break my heart again that I am not just popular :o( Nope not me..

I did NOT decide that Stressed out is just a way of life for me.. and while eventually it may stop being a way of life this week, I am just going to embrace it.

I did NOT push my husband last night repeatedly to get him to move and stop snoring so I might be able to get a few hours of sleep.. to only in the end see my clock one last time at 4:14 AM still wide awake and unhappy. Nope not me.

I did NOT allow a teenager a mental health day so I could sleep in some this morning so I would be human and not an alien mom with the younger kids.. who would do that??

I did NOT just tell off the friend mentioned three posts ago because when she questioned me how I was, I told her "I have to fill a prescription" she replied "well that sucks.. we have medical" I did not tell her well "my husband works for a living and we don't qualify for it" Nope that would be hateful and i would not do that.

I did not then feel proud of myself for doing exactly what I said I did not do.

And finally.....

I did not just finish this Not Me Monday and head into the shower because of course at 12:38 PM I am already dressed. Nope not me.

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Anonymous said...

Dont be sad! You know I always comment on the give aways! LOL It just takes me a long time to think of what I want to write!

I did get your keychain too. It doesnt look like the one you showed me but it does have 2009. It is smaller but it was the only one I saw like that. I will take a picture and show it to you. Since it will be at least Friday before I make it to the post office.