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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wildly funny Wednesday...

No, those words do not fit.. but again.. my blog my rules... don't make me pull out the Nemo picture because I will. After all its my blog and I can. Instead. . I am going to pepper my blog with moments from this summer..

Things that I look at and laugh... like for instance this little picture..we will label it Exhibit 1 this is my son David. He is 5. He is unique. He decided this was his outfit for the day.. while it may not look like something you would want to be caught picking dog doo out of the yard in.. but hey ya know what? He's happy. And if he's happy I am happy.

Exhibit 2. .our cat is nuts. This is him fitting (ok not so much) in a box. Yea.. I am pretty sure he's addicted to catnip. He's unique and it makes me laugh.

Exhibit 3..AJ midair jumping in the poool.. Why is this funny? Because he is looking straight at me. And I laugh. Cause little things make me smile.

Exhibit 4... Emily. sharing ice cream with the dog.... the eww factor is here and she's filthy.. but hey she's happy and if she's happy I am happy. Exhibit 5... We found this shirt for Mary. Have you ever seen Bugs Bunny and the jeckyll and hyde little bird that goes from calm to explosive in no time. Thats Mary. Completely so.. This shirt fits her.. and its funny. and it makes her happy and I smile. Exhibit 6.. Chuck is like a 3 year old when he gets around water... here he is midair jumping in the pool. Does he look happy? Cause he is. And if he's happy I am happy. :o)~ Exhibit 7... Danny before he left for my moms. he was having a ball at the beach with us, playing having fun in the sun. Danny was happy. If he is happy I am happy. I will be even happier when he gets home tomorrow night. Exhibit 8...Stephanie and me.. she has now began to embrace her inner nut. She is just raelizing that she may as well let it go.. we are crazy.. we are awesome.. we are mother and daughter.. we make me smile :o)~

Yep, this is my gang. .my group.. my life and I would not have it any other way. well except I would have met Chucky way before we met. <3>

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