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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Dormant Blog.

For almost a full year every day I wrote on this blog, whether it was the good the bad or the ugly--I wrote. Then summer hit and the blog sort of fell to the wayside. I was busy with the kids, busy with the pool, busy with anything else but it seems this blog. I was also experiencing a writers block that a sledgehammer could not have broken. Every now and then I would pop in, but really I just did not know what to say.

Now, the holidays are approaching, the kids are back in school and it seems as if more of than not, I have TONS to say. My oldest is a senior, did I mention that? I am sure I have. She is going through all the motions of preparing to graduate and then move on to college. college! How is that possible? I still remember her being 6 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long. Who gave her permission to grow up and turn into a lovely lady? Can I sue? Its not fair. I am not ready for this.

Danny and AJ are shaving.. WHAT?!??!?! I remember when they were flushing stuff down the toilet (I swear it was like 12-13 years ago not last week!) and now they are shaving. Danny ditched us on Halloween to go watch a girl play soccer. What am I doing wrong? I got ditched for a girl?!?! sighs. AJ who used to be my sweet lovable guy has turned into a real jerk as of late. I know part of it is teenage boy, but geesh I hope it passes fast.

Mary. Wow. 11 year old. hormonal.. aka bitchy. enough said right? David loves kindergarten and I had to break his heart today and tell him he had to stay home today (something about vomiting at 4 am that makes me pretty sure they do not want him in school ya know?) fun stuff. really fun.

Chucks working his butt off at school right now and work. Somedays I see how exhausted he is but other days I think I see the energizer bunny chasing him down the hallway..drum and all. He just keeps going and going.

As for me, I am as big as a house right now.. ok or I feel that way, I have to do something but I don't know where to start. And why start now with the holidays staring me down? Well, because if I don't I won't. I know me. So insert one last party weekend, Monday starts the diet. This time it has to work. It just has to! .

Ok there I caught everyone up, tied up with a neat bow, speaking of bows, I am running a blog contest about two blogs down. Enter it. even if you don't have a daughter or grand daughter someone you know has a little girl who will love this bow. Have a great day!


fyrgrl said...

I <3 you...have I told you that lately?

Anonymous said...

I Always Love You ;O)