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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This and That

Today is one of those blog days, when I don't know where else to go with this so we will use This and That.

This--I am a giant sap, I have discovered this year the Biggest Loser and I watch the show and just boo hoo my way through it. No, it's not always sad, but I so feel each of their victories. And no, I haven't been there. I am there now. For those of you new readers. On January 4, I set out on a new Weight loss adventure. The fact is, at 38 years old, I was killing myself. I weighed 321 lbs and I could not walk five steps into my house without losing my breath. Now, I sit here 82 lbs less! 239 lbs. Ok yes, I know I am still fat. I know but I started at a size 30/32 (tight) and I am now a 22/24 h-e-l-l-o! So each milestone these guys hit, I am RIGHT there with them. I am so proud of them and I am so proud of me! I gave up some major things. I hated myself for so long its nice to look in the mirror and smile. To look down and not see a crazy amount of belly. This might be my time.

That-- on the same note, I am currently prepping for my first 5K. It will be June 5th or 6th, the day before I turn 39. I will walk it with whatever friends wish to join me. I am walking for my son who died from Cogential diaghragmatic herenia and all the Cherubs. I am walking for my life that I got back. I am not asking for anyone to pay money to enter if you want to walk, but we will pass a can. I am proud of myself for doing it. I need this and I can do it!

This--in the past few months, I have had more stress and rough patchs to crawl over then three people my size. I am still trying and I am still stressing.. but I am not self destructing. I am not sure why but I don't want to. I find pure ioy of taking frusturations out on a punching bag and not beating myself up. I guess in a way I am growing up, but I am not sure I am ready to admit that yet.

That--Did I mention this weekend is mothers day and I fear the plate of food? Luckily this year Chuck is off for breakfast and I hope he is reading this and knows that I want the hungry girl french toast stuffed canollis. (is that subliminal enough? if not its on page 286 of HG 1-2-3 and if you fear looking up the recipe (which you don't) have one of the kids help you :o)~.
Ok that does it for this edition of This and that.. tonight Chuck and I are going off to a Delbert McClinton concert :o)~ (Blues guy. great look him and his band Dick50 up!) Happy Cinco de Mayo:

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Beth said...

Congratulations YOU! That is amazing!