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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True Story Tuesday

Last week I found this wonderful blog, Once upon a Miracle, she is brilliant and does a blog called True Story Tuesdays. Last week I decided to play along because I needed to relive.. this week I am playing along because I had fun last week ;o)~ Now this week's story..I was going to tell one about my habitually unemployed Ex who wore a beavis and butthead tshirt under a white dress shirt to a job interview but decided that I will not trash him.. even though he deserves it. Instead, I chose a happier memory.

My Uncle Stanley was a big guy, he was easily 450 lbs and a gentle giant. Easily one of the funniest men I have ever met. He was one of those guys who would take any chaotic moment and for the sake of it, just pull a joke.

Picture this: My grandparents 50th anniversary. At their house we had four dogs, our two dogs (Shakey and Dani-no relation to my son :o)~ lol), My Grandmothers dog (Minky), and Uncle Stanley's dog (Oscar). Needless to say we also had about 60 people in the house (because we are from the east coast and every party after the party is as big as the original party). As we are sitting down this black dog comes running in the room and jumps up on Nana's friend Jennie who was in her 70s and this little tiny thing (maybe 4'6 max). Well, as we are all yelling "Minky! Minky! get down!" (It was a black dog) Jennie is yelling "its not minky! its not Minky!" Uncle Stanley is near on the floor laughing... I mean hysterically laughing. Apparently this stray black dog came to the door and Stanley just for giggles let the dog in.

Because well that was just the kind of person Stanley was. He would look for a moment to add some chaos to, and seize the day. 21 years ago last week, my Uncle suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. I will always remember his humor. His ability to make people smile and his warm heart.

I mean besides whats not to love about a guy who on a job interview was talking to the interviewer and when she says "why did you leave your last job" he replied "Well I had to" She asked back "Well what did you do?" with a straight face he told her "I was a jockey.. " She replied "oh?" and he said "yea it was too hard on the horse" .

Rest in Peace Uncle Stanley, you are missed and you are loved!


Tiffany said...

Found you from Rachel's blog. I must say, our families sound eerily similar! I have a few uncles like that! Welcome to the TST crew - it's a blast to have more friends around. And tell your hubby thanks for serving our Country - this Army daughter is grateful!

Beth said...

That is precious! He sounds like a wonderful man! And I kinda like the way you snuck a story in about the ex anyway! :)

Rachel said...

Is it bad that I totally cracked up about the mini Ex story too?

And a strange dog would have created panic in my house too! (Because we have two "adopted" dogs that own the place already! and a horse that sometimes isn't keen on sharing with other four-legged critters!)

Oh my Lord... that jockey bit had me roaring!!! That is absolutely hilarious! I must find a way to use that! :)

Thanks for linking up - you hit this one out of the park!