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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day, Mystery Meals, and Manic Monday

Mother's Day came and I totally didn't even think of blogging...we were not killer busy but I kind of took the day to lay in bed and just hang out. It was relaxing and lovely. I woke up in the morning to an attempt at breakfast in bed. I am going to includ the picture of this year's offering. I am not however going to tell you guys what it is, nope.. I want to see what you think it is. Leave me your answers in comments, be nice though remember they tried! I will say I did not eat it, I tried. I couldn't. i ate the grapefruit and was told it was ok to offer the other part to the dogs (who refused) Its not encouarging when animals that eat dirty diapesr say no though, ya know? Ok so here it is:
Today, was one of those Mondays that by 11 AM I was wondering when it was going to end and by 9 PM, I am sitting in PJs. We have been dealing with drama in the house for the past few weeks, drama always in turn leads to a long week. Danny's now ex girlfriend Crystal moved out, and in with Danny's replacement. (Oh I should probably not put it like that huh? yea. but it's true), Stephanie's boyfriend Jonathan (who I love) was down this weekend, and the rest of the kids just have the usual drama...

Btw, for those wondering the meals got better, Chuck made me a delicious ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, and then he made me steak, twice baked potatoes (the Hungry girl ones), spinach puffs, and diet friendly punch bowl cake. I ended the day under my point total for the day, and had a nice day!

As crazy as my life may sound, I am thrilled I am a Mom. Thrilled to be a mom to these kids (most of the time. ok ok all of the time). Happy belated Mothers day to my mommy friends :o)~ I hope it was lovely!!

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