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Friday, May 7, 2010

Letters of Intent


Letters of Intent over at Julie's blog located at Foursons, was found a few weeks ago.. and well ever willing to join in on something fun and freeing.. here I am! Please join in and link up! they are so fun to read

Dear Children-

It is not that I do not unconditionally love the breakfasts in bed you serve me each year. I mean hey you guys hit it out of the park with the Cap’n Crunch and milk four years ago! But well other years your meals have been well, um scary. I leave you with exhibit A, last year’s offering:

This lovely appetizing meal consisted of the following items scrambled eggs, pancakes, 1 fried egg, 1 cup of coffee and a glass of V8 splash. While I am grateful and have eaten every bite with a smile, I ask that this year you go off the menu I suggest:

Super Cheesy Ham-Stuffed French toast (Page 284, HG 1-2-3) 5 Pts, Grapefruit (from the jar, 2 pts) coffee (use the good creamer… it’s my day! (2 pts)

I after all am thinking of my diet, honest! I only ask to keep the menu within point ranges to keep my shrinking waist.well, shrinking. Do not hesitate to get Chuck involved this year as he has the day off (And owes me BIG or Father’s day will become payback)

I am grateful for each of you and for anything you do for me.
Dear Pollen-

I am sending you this letter to please cease and desist the unreal and out of control pollen counts. Aside from the fact that it is only May, you have my head pounding and my nose running and the rest of me aching. I think you just need to go, NOW. I am not asking, I am telling you. If you are worried about not having anywhere to go, I have no problem with you reeking havoc on those lovely flowers in the yard just stay outta my nose ok?

Dear Husband-

I am writing this to thank you, for the past 9 years you have been the most outstanding support to me, but in the past five months if it is possible you have kicked it up a notch. You have supported me through every step of this journey of mine. Even joining me, you have never ever made me feel that you were anything less than honored to be my husband. You have made however, in the past five months made me feel like I am a queen. You constantly brag about the feat I have accomplished, and constantly tell people as they comment on how much weight you have lost, “yes but you should see my wife! She has lost 82 lbs” You are the most amazing remarkable man, and I am just the lucky girl who stopped kissing frogs the day I kissed you. I am the luckiest woman in the world, and if anybody ever thinks different, well they just haven’t met you.

Head over heels in love with Prince Charming,
Mrs Mapes


Foursons said...

Wow, 82 pounds! Great job and what a great hubby!

Love the breakfast in bed menu, think they'll listen?

Thanks for linking up, hopefully the pollen leaves soon. Very soon.

Beth said...

82 pounds and the perfect man? You my dear have passed right by lucky and gone on to BLESSED! Hope breakfast is your menu ... not theirs ... sounds way better than Captain Crunch!

Tiffany said...

Aww... what a sweet hubby! And hopefully the children will prepare a feast fit for the queen on Sunday!

McCrakensx4 said...

Wow...that breakfast looks..uummm...good thing you gave them a menu this year! lol

And 82 lbs...that is AWESOME!! Great job!

Found you from Foursons! Happy Mother's Day!