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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The week in Review.....

Ok.. I know I suck. I haven't blogged in a week. but I can explain.. Noooooo! Don't leave I promise!! ok.. so here is my week in review :::doo doo doo doo doo doo remember Saturday morning in the news on CBS when we were watching cartoons when we were little? or am I the only one from the 1970ish that remembers that???

Monday- Posted Not Me Monday, paid bills, did laundry.. ok so Monday was a bit of a wash but I promise it gets better ok?

Tuesday- figured out what I was getting Chuck for his birthday went to a meeting at Mary's school for her behavior plan for next year. All marveled at how she didn't get suspended since January. (those words would haunt us). Came home made dinner, AJ went to baseball badda bing badda boom another day in the books.

Wednesday- Spoke to a really nice man from Cornerstone about Mary and needing some behavioral help.... Scheduled Davids 5 year kindergarten check up and Emilys 18 month check up.... got the phone call of doom.. "Mrs Mapes, Mary was fighting with a student over a boy, she punched her in the face." I kick myself for the sentence the day before and then as I am kicking I hear "and when the teacher was pulling her OFF the student she swung at the teacher" ggggrrreeeaaatttt... suspended for two days. lovely. Mary comes home we ground her until shes 50, we have Mac and cheese and meatloaf for Chucks bday that night.

Thursday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUCK!! Mary and I are home with Emily during the day. Mel and I run out to get new shirts to wear to a concert on Friday, and we find some great stuff at a thrfit store ( a new vacuum (singer for 16.98), a really nice purse for me ($2.98) and a pair of my favorite sandals that were eaten by the dog last year (2.98) NOT bad. Chuck and I go out to dinner for our mutual birthdays (he is June 4th I am well. today :o)~ heehee) Red Robin Yummm!!! I tell the Waiter its Chucks birthday.. hand him burger coupons for both of us.. damn... they SANG to both of us. its ok .dinner was great! I got Chuck a Reds hat with Tigger embroidered on the side, and a Motley Crue CD that got cracked.. he was tickled! We ran to the mall to walk off dinner and run to Bath and Body Works.. I ran to potty. I met him and he said "ok we are done" But.. I didn't shop!! He hands me a bag that weighs shortly less then Emily.. and I peek inside 9 bottles of bath and Body works sprays and a lipgloss!! Apparently they had a HUGE sale.. 4-5 dollars a piece.. holy crap!! (ok if anyone is wondering what the scents are they were: 2 mango and mandarin, 1 juniper breeze, 1 cucumber melon, 1 sweet pea, 1 rainkissed leaves, 1 moonlight path, 1 wild honeysuckle and 1 sea island cotton. Then I got one of the good green minty lipglosses.. YUM!! Chucky did good (I told him I am giving him credit for my shirt and pants.

Friday- Stephanie has a Dr's appt, I have to run to the bank, then Mel and I leave on our trip to Manteo, NC to see Delbert and the boys.. What fun we had!! it was a blast!!!! Delbert wished me a happy birthday and Mel and I talked to our buddies and just had a ball. (of course anywhere Mel and I go is a ball!!) She is going to fan fair this week so my birthday gift came early!! So much fun!! Well cept the thing that Chuck had hit with my van and neglected to tell me so it spent the better half of the drive home clacking and driving me nuts!!!

Saturday- AJ was supposed to have baseball called on account of rain.. AGAIN!! grrr!! During the day I pretty much stayed in bed, I was beat from the day before. By the night time we ran to BJs fed the kids dinner, and just hung out at home. Oh and the AC died.. we thought it was just frozen.. um no. It was dead. great...........We go to bed toss and turn all night..

Sunday- Wake up hot, sweaty and miserable.. Please a freecycle S.O.S. asking for help getting an AC guy.. have a wonderful breakfast (Not like Mothers day this one was awesome!! Pooh bear waffles on the waffle maker and a kiwi. oh and coffee but um hello I was already in the third stage of menopause so coffee not on my list.. lol) We called the greatest AC guy in the world who came right over and only charged us $105 to fix our AC!! holy crap!! I was ecstatic!! Chuck and I go to Walmart get a few things we needed and then.... we snuck off to Coldstone creamery for our birthday ice cream.. YUM! (a cheap and free date) and finally we head home watch the Mets win 7-0 (In honor of my bday? hey I'll take it), I field phone calls, texts and facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday. Chuck made me his wonderful burgers and fries for dinner.....stephanie made a great birthday cake and now we are watching Family Jewels (love this show!!)

TADA that is your week in review... more tomorrow for not me Monday!!

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