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Thursday, June 11, 2009

This and That..

I know I know.. but. I can explain.. David's graduated from Prek.. this is the last full week of school. .our AC died, then our oven died.. and I am pretty much spent. Ok? there I said it. I am STRESSED OUT!! AAAHHHHH!! ok I am better.. Let's move on to this and That.. the starting one is so I can express my point and get it out and move on.. then this blog will not bring it up again..

This- April Rose. Now known as the blog of the fake baby. I am very sad that "B" felt the need to do this. I am very sad that one lie led to another and another and she could not or did not bow out before it went to far. I am sad that anyone would lie about an illness of a child, real or fake. I feel bad for this woman, but at the same time I feel bad for all who were taken by her. I feel as if she needs guidance and prayers and so much more then that.

That- My sunday addiction returns this week.. :::Claps::: True Blood is back.. True Blood is the anti Twilight as its Vampires and well um. .well its a bit over the top but REALLY good!!

This- Stupid Mets.. BLEW two games against the Phillies this week.. BOTH in extra innings.. I am not sure I can speak to them. I think they are in TIME out until further notice (which will be tomorrow, let's be real.. I can't stay mad forever.. but for tonight.. TIME OUT!! FACE THE CORNER!!)

That- Can anyone suggest easy meals only on TOP of the stove til Thursday? Fricking oven will be out when they replace the control panel thingee beyond the clock that went out. THANK God its covered or I would be screwed blued and tattooed.

This- Speaking of TATTOOS--I have decided my next one will be a Koi fish on my shoulder. they represent good luck and good fortune. and I need both so why not? :o)~

That- I am asking you guys to keep a reader of mine in my prayers.. she is VERY early pregnant and has had a rough road in the past, although she has a gorgeous little girl the same age as my Emily so please keep (at this time) the unnamed reader in your prayers. :o)~

This-So Chastity Bono is getting a sex change operation.. ok. I am TRYING to be good.. but.. I have to ask.. does she become a male and become straight? I am just wondering cause I am sort of confused of the rules.. help?

That- Sweet Tea, lots of ice (ie watered down). Yep.. thats the new crack for me. I have pretty much stopped drinking Soda (yes Karen.. I said that.. pick your jaw up). Its not easy but either I start doing something or give my tail end a new zip code of its own.

This- David stubs his toe tonight. .gets a sympathy bandaid returns about twenty minutes later....and informs us "I need a wheel chair" umm suck it up Bub.. you will be fine.

That- AJ made the All stars and I am psyched for him so Thumbs up AJ!!

Signing off as the mom of a now high school senior, sophmore, and freshman. A fifth grader and a kindergartener and Emily who gets to JUST be little :o)~

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Tutu said...

You made me laugh...thanks!

Ok, April Rose....amen, sisah! It's a sad situation, and I think we need to stop bashing those involved and start praying for a woman who obviously needs it! This is the ONLY place I have commented, I'm done no, thankyouverymuch!

Never got into True Blood...the fake southern accents do me in.

Out of touch Braves fan, can't help you on that one.

Is your a/c fixed, if not, I say no cooking for you!

Way too chicken and have to many committment issues to ever get a tattoo.

Praying for her too!!

Chastity...very good question!

Got my sweet tea right beside me!

Wheel chair...hahahahaha!

Yay AJ!

Can you tell I'm bored today? :o)