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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what the .....??

Okay... this is one of those weeks that you just wish you were too young to see some of the stuff that is making news headlines. Seriously!! Yesterday I saw on the news that a woman named Donna Simpson in New Jersey who is on a quest to (are you ready for this?) be weigh 1000 lbs! She has a website that you can go and pay to watch her eat. If you want to read this.. and believe me.. its totally up to you.. you can read her article here

Oh I wanna be ill. How gross! I am a big girl... you guys know that.. I am not gonna lie. In January 2010, I made the decision at my largest weight EVER to start Weight Watchers and exercise. I made the decision that seeing my children get married and my grandchildren born was more important than eating a Big Mac at lunch!! So this just sickens me! She pays $750 a week for groceries... are you kidding me?!??! She has two children and I hope for their sake she realizes how dumb this is before she kills herself!

Okay from one moron to another....

Rielle Hunter. You guys know who that is? That is the mistress-aka baby Mama of John Edwards. What a piece of work this broad is! Elizabeth Edwards is sick with Cancer, she finally got smart and kicked John to the curb but holy cheese and crackers batman, this woman decides to do an article in GQ so we can "meet her" eh.. I never cared before, and your GQ interview did NOT help my opinion of you.

She claims in this interview right here, that she is NOT a homewrecker that the marriage was wrecked before she got there. Yes but you and Johnny certainly did not help matters any did you? Course I am a possibly bitter woman who saw her first marriage destroyed by an affair..hate to break it you sweetie you are a homewrecker.. She took pictures in a white shirt and undies with a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls (Poor Dora, Kermit and Barney! I am sorry you were subjected to that!!) , she had the nerve to say she was "repulsed by the pictures" and she thought they were just headshots. Yes, I normally put on a mans dress shirt and lay on a bed with stuffed animals to get a picture of my face. What an idiot.

Two stories.. both true.. and both leaving you to say "what the........." My apologies to anyone who thinks this rant is wrong.. nah.. I am not wrong.. and I am not sorry..


Cybil said...

I agree 100% with you on both stories! Both women are just gross!

Ellemes said...

I was totally thinking the same thing on both of these!

Seriously?!?! What is the world coming to?!?!