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Friday, March 12, 2010

Letters of intent


So due to my new friend over at Confessions of a Semi-Slacker Mom who is not just funny but also really fun to read has pointed out of Letters of Intent over on Julie over at Foursons and once I passed extreme jealousy about these brilliant ladies coming up with another great idea that I was not smart enough to think of (yea I said it and I meant it) I decided I am joining in:

Dear Bills-

This month has been rough for us hasn't it? I am sorry. But the thing is well, February is a short month and ya know we have seven mouths to feed not to mention me and Chuck. And see well the thing is I promise to make it up to you next month ok? Don't hate me. Don't look at me like that. I know I am late. I am working on it. I didnt even do a pedi this month!!


The one who is writing the check today I swear
Dear 1950's housewife-

You all had to go and make it look soo easy with your perfectly prim houses, your perfect meals, your perfect kids and your perfect like. well you can perfectly kiss my. Sorry, that was not lady like. How bout instead if we just say I hope someone thanks ME in 50 years for not being perfect and setting the bar high.. I will just go ahead and say now, you are welcome.

The Mom without the perfect house, who scrambles to make dinner, and who's kid is eating dunkaroos on the couch with icing on her face and thats ok.


Dear Teenagers-

I apologize for the Post its the past two weeks where I outed you for not having a prim and proper room. That was wrong of me, and I am sorry. However, tomorrow is spring cleaning day!! YAY!! The plan is to find your floor, to clean the room and to make Mommy happy...without the medication. Work with me ok?

Mom (the one with bald patches because you won't just clean your room.. thanks for that)

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Foursons said...

Wow- so glad you stopped by and wrote letters! So happy to have you join up!

Those 1950's housewives really upset me too. I mean seriously- who vacuum's with pearls and a dress on? And has dinner all ready for the hubby as soon as he sets foot in the door? And has homebaked after school snacks for the kids fresh out of the oven? And lets the neighborhood kids run rampant through the house? And....

OK- I'll stop now. Seeing as how this IS your blog and all.

If those bills listen to you and waive the late fee let me know. I'll need to copy and paste your letter to send to my own stack.

How do you get teenagers to clean their room? Do you deny food, drink, air? Please, do tell your secrets!

Thanks again for linking up! So happy to have you on board!