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Friday, March 5, 2010

A Cyber Vacation.

I can't be the only one who is not only getting sick of winter but in need of a vacation. Why? Because I the winter blues. You know them, by the time March hits you are so sick and tired of the sweaters you were dying to wear in August when it was 104 degrees out. Now you just want to be in those comfy clothes and not the seven layers you need to put on to walk the 15 steps to the mailbox only to find out all of todays mail is addressed to "resident" Seriously? In our house that belongs to the first person who says "is there anything for me"

So I decided to take a cyber vacation, it does not cost a dime and it might make me feel a little better. So let's try it shall we:

1) Destination 1: Walt Disney World. My home away from home. I know, I know its a theme park! but what a Theme park! It truly is the happiest place on Earth. This would be Nirvana

2) Destination 2: The Bahamas. Ok I have never been anywhere tropical, and I REALLY feel the need to go somewhere sunny and warm. I wanna dip my toes in the water, feel the sand on my feet. Yep, I am in desperate need of this and I think this would hit the spot.

3) Destination 3: Ireland. Hey, its March. Why not? Go see the plush green grass, and hey why not grab a pint or two at a pub while you are there? besides if you are drunk you won't care that you are cold.

4) Destination 4: Paris. Yes, the City of lights. It may not be tropical or warm but ya know what, in a place like Paris who would care? Besides I lived in Belguim for three years I am used to that weather. (PS does anyone else find it disturbing that when I googled Paris for pictures I got pictures of Paris Hilton? just sayin')

So there I have taken four mini trips in my mind, and still feel.. Well like crap cause I am still sitting in my living room watching the wind blow, no leaves on our trees, and the grass in the yard that lovely shade of brown winter dead. Yep, I need a vacation, that's all there is to it. Now, what is the likelihood of this happening ? Slim to none. Why? because with six kids, they come first. We have one who is going to college in the fall, and it seems as if everything we get in has to go back out for her and the things she needs. Sighs. So I guess for now and probably for many years to come my vacations will be in my mind. I just hope its warm there ;o/

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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Okay. I'm going with you to Ireland & the Bahamas, but I got my Disney fix for the year in Sept. And I'm laughing that you got Paris Hilton pictures. How sad is that?!?