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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday night leftovers...

Welcome to the 2nd (personal) edition of the lovely Danired's over at Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks Friday night leftovers. Where we get to Clean out the refridgerator of life and tell you whats new with us:

So last night I went to see Train with Butch Walker. I went with my BFF and truly expected to know two songs.. three tops. Yea I was wrong, I knew most of the songs. If you ever get the chance go see Train, they put on one helluva show.

Before the show we went to dinner at Kelly's Bar and Tavern (AKA my second favorite place for a fabulous burger and other bad for you goodies) I looked at the menu and ordered a chicken pita (skipped the pita just ate the grilled chicken and veggies. I did eat 10 fries but I was behaved. I had a 1/2 glass of sweet tea mixed with 1/2 unsweetened and drank only water the rest of the night. I BEHAVED!!! This is huge for me. I could have been bad and I wasn't. I feel so proud.

My husband is becoming Catholic, did I mention that? I think I did. (Yea I am one of those repeaters sorry) last night he went to Eucharistic Adoration (without me!!). I can not tell you how stunned I am. I never thought he would embrace this, and he is.

I have a complaint.. Lily Scott who I think is extremely talented got kicked off of Idol last night. was the rest of America watching with me?! What the hell!! How is the guy who sang Genie in a bottle still there? UGH!!

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned black jeans that have been taunting me for years (or is that the other blog I do? I digress) Anyways I was able to wear them about a month ago after a long time. Last night I found they are getting too big. Success comes in small packages for me, I take them as I get them but that one had a BIG bow.

Corey Haim died of pulmonary congestion, I was wrong. I assumed it was drugs and I was wrong. Corey Feldman asked the fans where we were during all Corey Haim's rough times, where was he? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.. just sayin'.

Ugh so I mentioned the Mets were playing well on Post It Note Tuesday. To fellow Mets fans I am sorry.. they are falling apart now. @@ idiots.
Ok go to visit Danifred and play along. See how easy it is and how much fun?!?!


Cybil said...

Congrats on your willpower! And you jeans getting too big! Awesome!

Danifred said...

Thanks for coming back to Leftovers! I love how you describe it.

You should be so proud of yourself! That's the serious willpower :)

When I was a tween I had many imaginary boyfriends, and both Coreys were on that list. I think it's a good thing that they were just imaginary.