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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sometimes I wish I had a pacifier.......

Yep, there i said it. Not necessarily for me but sometimes for situations where I could use it to stop someone from saying something or stop misbehaving. This magic button (that my two year old is still addicted to, does that make me the worst mom on earth? I am gonna take it away again soon I swear) can fix thing almost as fast as a bandaid. For example, she falls down we give her the paci and things are better all healed (The kiss logic works but at 2 the paci works better). She's having a major meltdown the paci heals it usually pretty quick. Situations where a paci would come in handy in any size would be:

Your husband has the ability to go on and on about a topic and you were done five minutes ago... here honey take your paci. Problem solved.

You have a mouthy teenager who simply does not want to shut her mouth and you are against child abuse, what do you do? Pop the paci in the mouth and give a stern look before it pops out. Yep, the Paci rocks.

Bad news? Something that has your tummy doing more turns and tosses than a roller coaster? The Paci will help you feel better.

At work your boss is on the war path, unable to control his attitude and behavior. Leave a paci on his desk, maybe that will cure it.

A friend goes back to the deadbeat she has broken up with/ got back together with six times, suck a paci so you don't tell her what an idiot she is. Nah.. hand her the paci and make her listen as you tell her what an idiot she is. Go with that option instead.

Stuck in traffic, suck a paci it makes it better. Yep, I can think of lots of reasons for pacis....Pacifiers are the sure all cure all for a bad day. Now if only we can find them in grown up size.. Whos in?

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Ellemes said...

Love this and I totally agree...maybe I'll try one today.