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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Welcome to the 3rd (personal) edition of the lovely Danired's over at Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks Friday night leftovers. Where we get to Clean out the refrigerator of life and tell you whats new with us:

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you felt that there was a perpetual bulls eye on your fanny? It sort of felt like this:
This past week the following events have happened in no specific order:

We had to go visit a car lot to find a car to replace the one my dear (or is that deer?) husband had, we found the perfect little around town car but had to deal with this guy: You know the guy. .the guy who keeps repeating the words "Trust me" which we all know means "!)%* you" Anyways.. we survived found someone who we have gotten a car from before and it appears as if this worked out for the best. So far.. ask me in a month ok?

I have discovered that I just give sucky blog giveaways. In the past month my blog giveaways have consisted of 2 Hungry Girl cookbooks (15 entries..yay me) and 2 Starbucks $10 gift cards... I have one entry guys. One. Wow. I suck. Sighs. Worse then that. I am not sponsored its just me trying to do something fun and nice. Epic fail.

Yesterday I went out shopping trying to locate a new couch for the family room, the long and short of it is, we had futon in there and it looked liked it was beaten to death and needed to well just go. So we went and bought a couch to put in the front room and we have a raving success.. with the dog. Lily was never much of a fan of the futon but oh boy the couch and her are in LOVE. Earlier I had this loud noise that can not be described I ran to find out what on earth to find the dog SNORING. yep, I think I did something right.

This past week I have dealt with stress from 100 different directions to include family drama (my family that lives up in Norther Virginia is incapable of not having drama), I have dealt with buying a Nused (new but used) car, I have suffered through some of the people on American Idol. WTF happened this year?!?!? really?!?! I am better. .sorry, I have pulled out spring clothes, put away heavy sweaters and pulled back out light long sleeve shirts (seriously VA weather has more attitude than most teenagers), and teenage drama (The 16 year old and the girlfriend....prom drama.. fun stuff) So its Friday and at the end of the day I am going to open a bottle of wine, so what goes best with Shrimp scampi? Yep, its been one of those weeks.


Danifred said...

Ahhhh yes, the northern Virginia weather- spring? No, winter. No, wait, spring.

I totally would have entered your Starbucks giveaway, where the heck was I for that one? Apparently it's me who sucks for not knowing.

Ellemes said...

That stinks about your give aways. I entered the cookbook one, but our nearest starbucks is an hour away, so I figured I would leave it for someone who could use it.

Well I hope it gets better next week.