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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Questions without answers....

Why is it that my son can throw a balled up paper towel across the room but can't manage to NOT pee on the toilet seat? Should I make him a eye doctors appt and see if he has a vision issue?

Why is it that in November we turn the heat on when it turns 60 degrees but in the spring the heat goes off when it is 60 degrees?

Why is it that everyone will jump up for dinner, but nobody wants to jump up for dishes?

Why is it that my 2 year old can destroy any room in the house in less than 5 minutes but it takes 30 minutes to fix what she did

Why is it that my kids can make the time for video games but can't seem to find the time for homework (I know this answer but I wanted it put out there so if i have to kill the teenagers its justifiable homocide)

Why is it that if you are in the room and your child falls asleep a full half hour later you realize you are STILL watching Dora?

Why is it that Mommy's food tastes better then the same food on the kids plates?

Why is it that I am such a sap that I can cry at TV shows, commercials, and movies?

and finally why is it that weeks that involve Daylight savings time move so s l o w. I am so ready for the weekend.. am I alone? Sighs. have a good one. :o)~ Tune in tomorrow for Fridays leftovers and letters of intent ;o)~


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Those were all great questions. Let me know about the eye appt. b/c I may need to take my son. And the Dora thing, guilty.

Cybil said...

Sponge-Bob... Love him and I have even been known to watch him when the kids aren't around!