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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Welcome to the 3rd (personal) edition of the lovely Danired's over at Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks Friday night leftovers. Where we get to Clean out the refridgerator of life and tell you whats new with us:

My 12 year old got suspended for "inability to behave" Yep, thats right. She's hardcore. Or so she thinks. If she makes it to 13 I want a medal. Yesterday my husband asked what do you want on her tombstone, I replied:
Here lies the disobedient sh*t
Who's parents had to put up with it
She didn't care and continued to scream
and now she won't see 13.

I swear this child is the one that God sent me for everytime my mother would say "I hope when you have kids you have one JUST like you!!" (and yes, I said that to her yesterday) the only difference is I never got suspended. grrrrr. or phone calls. I was a good kid or a really good suck up. Sighs. This is my photo of Mary for the day:

she's not amused.. too bad its not all about her huh?

We are going to have a full house this weekend. My ex is coming to visit the kids, he and I are friendly so that doesnt bother me at all. oh and my 18 year olds boyfriend is coming... this should be fun.. they haven't met yet. Anyone looking for me, I am gonna pop (100 calorie) popcorn and watch the show. (Check back here Monday for details) I think it will go something like this:

This has been the LONGEST week known to man... daylight savings time is kicking my butt big time. And if you can imagine, my two year olds as well. This photo was taken at at 10 AM.. she got up at 8 was asleep by 10 because she just could not do it.
My husband got pulled over on the way to Autozone to buy a headlight and brake light for the car. He was about 2000 FEET from Autozone..Wanna guess what he got pulled over for? yep.. not having a headlight and brake light. So he obviously is not female and does not own the Smile and blinky eyes we all do, so instead of getting out of a ticket he got two for driving with faulty equipment. See I would have pulled the "But officer..." batting the eyes... Yep, women rule.
So I took a slew of pictures of Emily on St Patricks day, and I made this collage:

I sent it to my husband, my mom and my MIL. All 3 went crazy about it, and than I realized as cute as it is, I put two pictures in there that she just has the goofiest look on her face.. hmmm. .see and my MIL and says the good looks run in the family.. and she does look like her dad. Ok I feel better :o)~

ok now that you have read mine. .go play along.. go visit my dear Danifred and play along!! this is really freeing.. and who doesn't like to let it all hang out on Friday? no pictures of that.. you're welcome :o)~


Danifred said...

Ohhhh... your house is going to be F-U-N this weekend! A show indeed.

I have a feeling we're in big, fat trouble with our oldest. She is just asking for lots of phone calls home. It's only a matter of time.

I've also been the recipient of one of my husband's "I'll get to it later" car issues. Hmmmmph!

Beth said...

You are one funny lady! Which has to help when an ex is in the house, a teenager brings home a boyfriend, a 12 year old is unable to behave (reminds me of my kids telling me they were "being have") and it looks like you have a precocious toddler to boot! Ain't life grand? LOL!

Ellemes said...

Good times for your this weekend! Hehe

That is too funny about your hubs ticket. I didn't know they gave those - but then I'm a female ;)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Too funny!

I'm trouble if the "curse of the mother" is as real as it appears. "I hope you have a daughter JUST like you someday!" puts us all in trouble...

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to hear how this weekend goes - that is more people than I can imagine in one space together!

And the look on your daughter's face in the mugshot is PRICELESS!