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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baseball and our family positions

In our house and growing up, I have always been a diehard red, white and blue American in mad love with America's Pastime. No no, I don't mean shopping.. I mean baseball. That's right. I know people say that the sport is boring, but for me it is so exciting to see what happens when that pitch is thrown, from the crack of the bat, to making it to first.. he is SSSSAAAFFFFEEEE or OOOOUUUUUTTTTT?

Yep, I am a fanatic. I follow the New York Mets because well, I grew up with my grandpa and learned early "we are Mets fans" Yes sir. So when I brought home a Yankees hat from a visit with my cousin Tommy, my grandpa said again "we are METs fans" I of course was 8 or 9 had a New York baseball cap, wasn't that enough? Sure it was. (now, I know better.. the Yankees are evil and we are METS fans.. did you get that?) Oh and PS don't mention last was bad. .we know it. .we are over it.

Watching a pre season baseball game the other day someone put up a saying it said "There are two seasons: Baseball and Winter" That is now my mantra. Yep, it will get me through winter to know the other season is on the way. So as a Mom who has six children, and has been told numerous times that "wow one more person your family could be a baseball team (bite me.. this shops closed.. permanently) I think I can safely assign positions to members of the family.

Pitcher and Catcher- These are the parents, one is always throwing something at the other (figuritively not aiming ok?) They work together and they keep the team going if you will. The Pitcher and catcher are the two who basically run the game.

First Base- This is the oldest sibling, this person is in charge of the diamond, they make sure that plays are made but they do make some errors and sometimes can not complete the play.

Second base-this position is best held to someone who can handle a situation, they have their eye on the field but they also have to sometime scoop in and make the play. Yep, this position belongs to Grandma.

Shortstop- normally plays the game with precision and is the unofficial guy in charge of the field. This goes to the youngest. In our house, she rules the roost. she plays the game and she plays it well.

Third base- The second to oldest child the one who seems almost forgotten but than comes along and makes an outstanding play that nobody can believe their eyes JUST happened! Yes, he is the guy who can handle the field but on other days makes a bonehead play that makes you want to kill him.

Right field--The teenager who has decided that while he can play an infield position and sometimes does, mostly he is out in right field because he gives the pitcher and catcher tude and needs to be as far away as possible. This in our house is the 12 year old.

Center field- This is the middle who is in charge of the outfield. He wants to play infield, he knows he can but right now he's in center field because someone needs to be in charge out there and he can't play Catcher cause Dad's got that. (Sorry AJ)

Left field- This is the guy who would rather play with the grass than play the game. this is guy who would rather watch Toy Story but can scoop up and make a play in the blink of an eye and surprise even himself. there you have it.. we have David.

So see? I can lay out the entire field. I even have a trainer. Danny's girlfriend Crystal can help fix things, and usually does. She keeps the plays going sometimes and most of the time plays well. So there you have it. A baseball team, may not be professionals but we are PROS :o)~

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