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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Mom a like

Last week, Rebecca over at Letters from Crazyville, posted a blog (this one right here) about the Mom-alike. And I tried to think of someone and thought and thought and thought... and thought some more. At that point I decided "I got nothing" I could not think of anyone who is my Mom alike which is defined to be a "Mom who totally gets you"

One week later, here I sit to post about my Moms-alike, I have quite a few and I was too out of touch with myself to realize it. I think sometimes I feel like I am in this box, all alone. That I am the person that could go into thin air and nobody would notice. Yet, there are other days I know thats just the manic depressive part of me (no I am not diagnosed I am a Mom of six and I just know I am nuts :o)~ lol) and I know I got Moms.. today is my day.

So now on to my Moms alike:

Mel- Mel is the cool Mom, she is the concert Mom, the Mom who everyone wants to have THAT relationship with her kids. That mom who overcame the speed bumps of teenage life, and THANK GOD she did because I know that means I have a finish line ;o)~ Mel is my Mom a like.

Nikia- Nikia is the "If I can fix it, I will" I am that Mom too. Nikia and I met on Craigslist over a single can of formula, and I would be lost without her. Nikia is the person EVERY woman needs as a friend, she loves you even on the days when nobody can love you. Nikia is my Mom a like

Desere- Ever had that friend that you meet and right away your heart just swells? That is Desere and for Desere that is Me. Desere is the one person who has never met my Emily that I would give my left and right arm to meet her. We can fight, and we can forgive in the same breath. Desere is my Mom a like.

Ellen- Ellen is my cousin in law, yet it is so much more than that. We "remet" over Facebook sometime last year. We share TONS in common, No I am serious its scary. She will put a verse from a book and I will finish it. She is my sistah from another mistah. Ellen is my Mom-alike

These are four women, all who totally get me. All who love me on days when I don't know how I love myself. All who have supported me through everything, even those rotten days when I said "how does this look" and they were nice enough to say "you look fine" I love them with every bit of my heart. They are my Mom-alikes. Thanks Rebecca, I almost forgot how many I truly have!
Rebecca said you could steal her word just make sure you tell people that you got it right here

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