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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Someone explain ok?

Can someone explain to me why so many celebrities my age and some so much younger are dying? I know that theoretically speaking this is the nature of the beast of the actions they choose and the things they do but Jimminey Christmas! When is it going to end? When will someone step up and say "STOP! no more!" In the past six months people who should be planning their lives were gone in the blink of an eye.

Last week although not a celebrity in his own right, Marie Osmonds son committed suicide, his life long depression got to be too much and this was his only way out he felt. I am so horribly sad for him.

Brittney Murphy, beautiful and wonderful actress died in December, they say Natural causes but even so, that is just too young to die naturally for me. I am so sad for her family, I am so sad that her light was turned off before it was fully bright.

Chris Henry a Cincinnati Bengal who was just getting back to making his life outstanding, died from falling off the back of a truck. he died from head trauma, and leaves behind 3 beautiful babies. With no answers.

Heath Ledger dies from an accidental overdose of meds to make him feel better from pneumonia. Trying to do the right things, he dies! Tragedy!

Micheal Jackson dies from a basic overdose (Although given to him by his doctor), and has three children he leaves behind. Is there something wrong with this to someone else?

Andrew Koening last week was found dead, suicide. Again his demons got the best of him, he was Boner on Growing pains for those who can't place him. I just don't understand. I really don't.

And today, I wake up to see Corey Haim is gone from an overdose. His demons have been fighting him for so long, but his death is a hard to swallow.

I am sad for each of these young stars, I am sad for their families and I am sad that their spot light is no longer lit. May each of them find the peace to rest in, may they be remembered forever not for their celebrity but simply for being human.

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Lisa said...

it's so sad isn't it.