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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dirty Laundry Sunday!

My friend Rebecca over at Letters from Crazyville (a mom on the edge) has this fabulousSunday thing. Dirty Secrets--Laundry day. I love it. So now we get to air our dirty secrets... So here is mine:
I need a 12 step purse program. There I said it. I feel better. But wait theres more...I don't buy them the traditional way. I ::::::insert horrorified look here::::
I bargain shop! SCREAMS!!! Ohh a cultural scream I am kind of cool today.. don't tell my kids. .they will never believe you.. oh er um about the purses... In the past month and a half I have found a Louis Vuitton (the real thing.. its numbered and all!) at a Thrift store for $5.99curious I got home and looked the SAME purse is going for $499 (no Decimal!) on Ebay. Shut up! At the same Thrift store I found a XOXO purse (ok I know its someone else but I just know its a cute purse ok?) the same one I found at a boutique which was $50 I found for $1.99 yep, I am that GOOD. But wait there is more.. I found a Coach purse for $4.00.

So as a Mother of six, my dirty laundry is I thrift shop.. damn skippy but I got some great purses :o)~ so that makes it ok, right? Now, who wants to hear about the brand new with tags Timberland boots David got for $3.99.. oh yea.. its a gift. I am a thirft store snob, and I like it!


Crazed Mama said...

AHHHHH Next time you spot LV hanging at the Thrift Shop send him to live with me. I will give him a good home!!

Ellemes said...

I need to find me some of these awesome thrift stores...The ones here in Nowhere are not that great!

What sweet finds!