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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dirty Laundry Sunday

My friend Rebecca over at Letters from Crazyville (a mom on the edge) has this fabulousSunday thing. Dirty Secrets--Laundry day. I love it. So now we get to air our dirty secrets... So here is mine:

Tomorrow if all goes as planned, I will have completed my first Wii 30 day workout in 30 days! (Yea thats not so much of a secret) and in the past 30 days I have learned something while i used to think I hated physical activity the truth of the matter is, I don't mind it.

There is something sort of exciting about getting a good workout done, you feel like the guy in the Toyota commcercials from the 1980s when he jumped in the air, for you young uns see the pic belowLets be honest here ok? before January my idea of working out was lifting the remote and pointing it at the TV. When it came to needing something my idea was to yell for a child to come do it for me. Walking up the five stairs it takes to get into my house was brutal.

Now I can walk, now I can exercise and in the end I am glad i did it. My how things change huh?

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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Thanks! Make me feel guilty! :)