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Friday, March 19, 2010

Letters of Intent


I am back again for Letters of Intent thanks to Confessions of a Semi-Slacker Mom who is not just funny but also really fun to read and she pointed out of Letters of Intent over at Julie's blog located at Foursons and ever willing to join in on something fun and freeing.. here I am!

Dear Boy dog two doors down-

I don't care if you show up with flowers and candy, Lily can NOT come out and play. She is not your type.. you are a big dog, she is mine. You are loud, and well so is she but it will just never work. See, I have six kids, two dogs, and a husband.. we do not need to add anyone else to that mix. Please refrain from barking at my door. Thanks so much

Your neighbor


Dear Picky Eaters:

How did you manage to get in my house? Every night I catch grief over dinner, seriously? Enjoy your hot dogs until you figure it out. Cereal is also approved (its healthy for breakfast its healthy for dinner). Be glad Grandpa isn't around you would have gotten the look and would have eaten it and LIKED it. Yep that would have been fun.




Dear Bathing suit-

Ok we have worked hard since January to lose this weight. When I wore you in February it wasn't so bad for either of us, now was it? So, I request you be nice to me when I put you on again in a few months. Play nice! Iam working on it ok

Sincerely.. your friend



Dear Baseball coach

I appreciate that you are trying to put together a baseball team that consists of the next Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, David Wright, and Lou Gehrig. However, keeping my child out until 8:30 PM every night we have practice is getting old and effecting my life. American Idol starts at 8!! What are you thinking!?! Just had to get that out there.

The Mom who screams like a maniac during the games..yep thats me


Dear Rielle Hunter-

You are a homewrecker. You are a tramp. and I think you suck

Just sayin'


Dear Jesse James-

Are you an idiot? Don't answer that! Why on God's green earth would you be dumb enough to cheat on Sandra Bullock? Seriously! When God said Brains, did you hear trains? You are an idiot.


Sandra's fan.. so NOT yours


Dear Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, and 1950s moms-

My house is not perfect, my dinners are not always 100% home made and organic. But my kids are happy, doesn't that say something? I tried to live up to the standards you guys have set but well, I suck. Confession is good for the soul right?


The non perfect Mom.


Foursons said...

I am cracking up that the neighbor dog comes and barks at your door. That is hilarious!

If your letter to your picky eaters works let me know. I need to copy and paste it to my kids.

Oh and the bathing suit one too. Let me know about that to please and thank you.

I hear ya on the late practices. Give it up already! The kids are in LITTLE LEAGUE!

Why did Sandra marry Jesse James to begin with? They aren't a good match!

I can't tell you how many times my kids eat mac and cheese out of a box for dinner. Yup, just that. Nothing else.

Thanks for linking up, so glad to have you here!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

I can't believe you don't want to add a zillion puppies to your plate. Thanks for making me think about bathing suits. Remember cereal is healthy now. Trains instead of brains, that will be added to my list of fave smart@$& comments.