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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dirty Laundry Sunday

My very young friend Rebecca (young because we graduated high school together and we both know that we are both only 29, right?) over at Letters from Crazyville (a mom on the edge) has this ever wonderful Sunday thing. Dirty Secrets--Laundry day. I love it. So now we get to air our dirty secrets... So here is mine:

Family Drama and Tattoos.

I am not sure there are any families out there that can say they are truly drama free, and if they do...well, they lie. The thing is this, while some have drama that is well, mild. My family takes drama to a whole different hemisphere. No, I am not talking my household...we are relatively mild. However after this week I have told my mother if she is going to call me with family drama, that I am requiring she starts the conversations with "You all ain't gonna believe this..."
This week we had the police involved, not once but three times. My family up in that area tend to think that they need to stir the Drama pot and it drives me crazy. In the midst of this whole situation is my poor mother who I swear to you is waiting for COPS (The TV show) to show up complete with cameras.

She called me and started the conversation with (And trust me I can not make this up.. ) "Did I tell you about the 3 foot machete?" I told her "okay stop! Let's discuss ways you should not start a conversation!!" So Mom explains as she was sitting on the couch she picked up a blanket to fold up because it was driving her nuts and out drops a 3 foot machete. She said she put it away quickly before anyone saw it, but in my mind I am still stuck with two questions 1) Why was there a 3 foot machete in my mothers living room and 2) When did the woman who can't NOT tell a family secret to save her tail end learn how to hide things before someone sees it?
Suffice to say this was a wild week in my family, and yesterday was just the cherry on the Sundae when I got a phone call asking me to go pick someone up from the drunk tank. Yep, that's right.. we are just waiting for COPS to call and try and schedule an episode.
Long ago, I was asked if I would ever get a tattoo, and I immediately replied "HELL NO!" Then I married my circus freak, er I mean hubby. And I am a firm believer that a tattoo if you are getting one has to mean something. For example:
My first tattoo, this is a small heart with my anniversary date. It is on my ankle and easily covered if need be. We do not do names because well, D-I-V-O-R-C-E. NO, we are not getting one but can you imagine if we ever did? Chuck loves the logic that he never got his ex wifes because her name is very Icelandic and the chances of wife number two having that name was slim to none.
My second tattoo is a Koi fish that my oldest and I got together, this is for good fortune. I love this tattoo, because it holds meaning and its really pretty :o)~
My third tattoo, :::Cough that I got last night::::is an angel on a moon sitting backwards looking over my shoulder. the purpose is to remind me that my son Matthew is always with me. This is now my favorite.

Am I done? who's to say. I won't do anything on my neck or that can not be covered, but ink is addictive. And I also believe that i you are gonna ink... then you need to think before you ink.

So that is my laundry.. I have a redneck family (we all have a bubba right?) and in my own special way I guess I am too. :o)~


Crazed Mama said...

Love it! I would have never thought you would have gotten a tattoo but the ones you chose do suit you! Thanks for playing along xo

Danifred said...

Love, love, love it! We have all sorts of family drama, but mostly of the "you're going straight to hell" variety.
And, what's with the machete, I'm dying to know? :)