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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Me Wednesday?

Sometime in 2009, I posted a blog called Why Me Wednesday. It at one point was popular to read and I even had my picture stolen a few time for it. So I figured this week, when things are sort of blah was a good week for a Why Me Wednesday. If you want to play along, please do. I don't have a neat linky thing, but if you comment I cross my heart that I will come visit! The point of this is to get all your whining out so you don't take it out on someone else. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, everyone else should not be forced to go through it with you though.

My ex husband is still out of work...why me? To my knowledge he has had two job interviews. This leaves us without child support...why me (ok why my kids). I know the job market sucks, but this guy spends more time unemployed than employed. So my stress level is UP HERE! I just want him to get a damn job already!

My children think money grows on trees, they want things constantly and saying no is hard on me. Now, I can do it. Trust me. But I feel bad when the things they want are not extravagant they are merely things that we have never had to say no to before. This point btw goes right back to the one above. So why me?

It is said that friends come and friends go, and that is certainly true. But lately it seems like frineds who have been around are sort of disappearing into the wood work. It is almost as if they are sick of hearing 1) about my diet or 2) they are just not in the mood period. I am sad that some friends are like this, and sad that the ones who I seemed to count on most are doing it.. why me?

I have the most crowded bed in the state. In the past few weeks I have at one point had Chuck, Me, Emily and both dogs in our bed. This is not merely as fabulous as it sounds, it seems to me that everyone on the bed seem to think they are 500 lb gorillas and moving them is about as easy as moving a 500 lb gorilla. Sleep sucks. Why me?

I had a bill scheduled for April 30th, and the jerk put it through five days early.. grrrr. Which set off a ricochet of issues, thankfully they are mostly fixed now but I hate that we went through some major stress due to the situation. I am so over having to rob Peter to pay Paul you have no idea... Why me?

Ok so there they are. I promise there will be no whining tomorrow but for today.. I feel better. :o)~

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