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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

True Story Tuesday

I found this wonderful blog today Once upon a Miracle, she is brilliant and does a blog called True Story Tuesdays. Now, I have heard of her before from Julie over at
My Foursons (she btw is brilliant too). Previously I have thought of participating.. I have honestly! but.. I was afraid that I would receive a stern email reminding me that this is TRUE story and that fiction is not allowed. But see you all don't know my family puts the fun in dysfunctional. And today.. today is a good day for this because I have had a horrible day. I have had the day where Murphy and his law has spent the day mooning me. So on to my story:

My mother, a wonderful Catholic woman, who attends Mass regularly. Growing up, we as a family attended Mass every Sunday and were constantly looked on as ohh "There goes the Claassen family, look how well behaved they are" My parents had raised four boys and me, and we knew if we acted up in Mass what the punishment was. My mother mastered the art of pinching us quietly with nobody seeing us. She would reach over and grab us in that upper arm flap, enough to get our attention and sting. Ya know what I am talking about THAT pinch that would make a sumo wrestler cry. The thing is that worked great for my mom until she met her match :::cough cough::: me.

So, the story goes that I was acting up in Mass (who me? yea, I don't believe it either) and apparently my Mom reached over to get her point across. I decided it was the right time for me to get my point across as I said in a non-whisper:

Needless to say, this mortified my poor mother who could not believe that one of her children would make this much noise or that she had met her match (She still won't tell me which). Ah but the morale of the story: Don't pinch in church.. or you might get that one kid who lets everyone know that they do not approve.
This story is true and certified, much to my delight.. by me :o)~


Cybil said...

Hahahahaha! That'll teach her! I know EXACTLY how your Mom felt. I am a pincher, and my little one pulled that same sh*t on me!

Foursons said...

Hahahahaha- that is hilarious! I can just see your mother melting into the pew cursing you silently in her head.

Thanks for the sweet shout-out. You're not to shabby yourself!

Mr. Daddy said...

That is funny. one of my favorite things to do is be in a cubicle at work, and blurt out

you can hear a pin drop, then the snickering starts...

Rachel said...

Oh my lord - I was just sitting here innocently cracking up at your little churchtime revenge... then I read my husband's comment and GOLLY!!! That man of mine! He is definitely the cause of much laughter at work!

I have to say, I think we may be cousins - cuz my mom used that whole pinching thing on me too! And gosh, we were Pentecostal - so ya know, some misbehavior could be chalked up to "being in the spirit", right?

(Please know, I am laughing in the holiest way possible because I am *still* Pentecostal and love it!)

By the way - sorry Murphy and his law were mooning you, but that comment had me giggling. Awesome kickoff to your first True Story Tuesday - thanks for joining in and for the laughs! :)

Lisa said...

this would sooo be my kids. on one particularly bad sunday i was simply holding ds1's arm to keep him from running away from me, after we'd exited the sanctuary and he started SCREAMING "you're breaking my arm"
he's luucky I didn't kill him that.

Self Sagacity said...

Yes, a x of mine told me a while back his mother used to grab their ears and pull them. Ouch! Your story is ever funny, especially in church, I bet she never did that again, or did she?